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NameSnowsted Royale
PublisherStaay Interactive
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 6.0

Snowsted Royale APK is a fast-paced action and adventure shooting game designed for mobile. In the game, you will participate in intense snowball battles in the cold winter scene in many famous locations around the world.

Introduce about Snowsted Royale

How to play?

The game was released by Staay Interactive. In this game, you fight in the battles on the snowy arena that are extremely fun. You possess an arsenal of weapons based on shooting snow at the enemy. Fierce PvP battles are joined by many people worldwide, fast-paced matches so you can play whenever you have free time to relieve stress. Be the last survivor if you don’t want to freeze to death.

Join the game, transform into your character, shoot snowball from a variety of modern weapons at your opponent. Send them snowballs with incredible power. With characters in the game, you can also customize your character’s appearance by using different masks and many other attributes. The battlefield of snowball matches can be anywhere, which will give you a lot of excitement. Through those snowball battles, you can travel to interesting places in the world.

Snowsted Royale APK gameplay

You use various weapons to fight your enemies, from batch shotguns to modern snow grenade launchers. Don’t forget that all the weapons you own can be strengthened by speed and damage boosts. Of course, high-level weapons wouldn’t be available in the first. The slingshot is the most commonly used gun in the early stages. Get ready to conquer all battlefields and shoot lots of snow at your opponents to win!


The game uses 2D graphics with a unique top-down perspective. Snowsted Royale, although not glossy, is strangely attractive, in addition to the hand-drawn graphics with watercolor, giving this game a unique classic style. You can visit the White House, the rugby room. Meet famous figures like Donald Trump sketched in retro 2D graphics.

Snowsted Royale for Android

Some modes you can play

The game includes many different game modes for gamers to change their experience. You compete not with bots but with real players. There are three main modes:

Battle Royale PvP: Players are dropped into the battlefield without carrying weapons. You will find the weapons on the map and prepare for a snow fierce battle without rest. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for snowstorms. Fight and eliminate others from this battle. This is a battle for survival. Try to be the last man standing. Don’t be disqualified!

Deathmatch PvP mode: Another mode similar to Battle Royale PvP. However, in this deathmatch mode, your enemies will revive after just a few seconds. So this battle will be much more fierce and stressful, you always have to be vigilant, the enemy will surely miss you for revenge!

Steal the Flag PvP mode: This is a flag capture mode, in which the player’s task is to enter a special area and steal the flag and escape. In this mode, you cannot use any weapons, and you will have to run fast to get the flag against other players. Run as fast as you can!

Snowsted Royale APK download

Besides, the game has a new mode: Zombie Royale. In it, you are tasked with fighting the hordes of snowmen, shooting down the zombie snowman, and collecting their carrot noses. Carrots are very useful, used to equip your weapons to become more special.

Download Snowsted Royale APK for Android

This is a completely free game to download. If you have always dreamed of playing with snowballs, interacting with many people around the world, compared to them, Snowsted Royale is definitely the first choice for you. Get your weapon and get ready to participate in the battles of snowballs. Let’s join now!

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