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NameSnoopy’s Town Tale
Package Namecom.activision.peanuts
PublisherPIXOWL INC.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Even though some of you have never watched Snoopy cartoon, I guarantee at least once everyone has seen and been attached by this cute Snoopy Dog. And you may not know, the world of Snoopy Dog is equally beautiful and lovely. Play Snoopy’s Town Tale MOD APK to experience all that fresh beauty.

Introduce about Snoopy’s Town Tale

Build a town with classic Peanuts tales characters!

Game about cartoon characters of a childhood

Snoopy’s Town Tale is a city building simulation game. The general spirit is colorful, cheerful, bustling and extremely lovable. Above all, this is not an ordinary city, but a dreamlike “land” of Snoopy and his friends.

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Usually with a game based on popular animation, the first benefit is connection and flashback. You will be able to play the game, meet the characters you have loved, and recall the old stories in the original movie. So is Snoopy’s Town Tale.

Childhood memories keep rushing back when you see Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder, Peppermint Patty, Woodstock, and many more of the cute little Peanuts characters. All of them meet, accompany, talk, hold hands to do this and that together. That surrounding scenery is both familiar and adorable.


As a newcomer in a verdant land, Snoopy (you) and his friends will build a rich, beautiful, and vibrant town with lots of bustling activities. Towns are built from exceedingly small steps. For example, place a banner to mark the territory, build a small house for Snoopy, build a big house for Charlie Brown, then go to a series of colorful attractions such as baseball fields, skating rinks…

Things get even more dramatic when Snoopy encounters a little Red Riding Hood, the town’s brand-new resident. Our Snoopy now no longer sits in vain daydreams or builds ruins anymore, but has actually become a passionate “Chairman of the Welcome Committee”. The newcomer’s presence has brought new life into everyone here, especially Snoopy. This even makes him start building and renovate the city like crazy to let it appear in its best and most beautiful appearance.

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To build this and that, Snoopy must continuously collect materials, accumulate experience points by completing small challenges in the game. He also needs to make important decisions: which one to build first, how to allocate helpers appropriately, how to distribute resources for each project… Thinking carefully with clever arrangement, placing the details, choosing the right space and location, you will slowly build up Snoopy City, the city of childhood dreams, in your own way.

Enjoy what you make

If you still think with this scale, the town is not very grandiose and probably doesn’t have much to challenge, I advise you to change your thinking immediately. In Snoopy’s Town Tale, there are hundreds of large and small quests. When playing, you can both build and develop a city with a number of attractive locations just like coming out of a comic book. We are also free to build and set everything to our own liking.

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Combine with a selection of furniture with only two hundred and a few lovely items, plant trees, build a yard, have fun with friends, enjoy attractions created by yourself, picnic, camp with friends, go to school, wander along the river to enjoy the wind… Everything that used to make you happy in the comic book or cartoon Snoopy is now hilariously recreated in this game from landmarks, names, to the most ridiculous games of Snoopy and his gang.

MOD APK version of Snoopy’s Town Tale

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money increase when you spend.

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Do you believe the game is a world of dreams? I really thought that while playing Snoopy’s Town Tale. So many vivid memories came to life, and I finally had the opportunity to be part of the beautiful world of Snoopy’s adventure story. Do you want to make your own town? If yes, download this game to play now.

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