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NameSniper Master : City Hunter
Package Namecom.sniper.cityhunter
PublisherJoyMore GAME
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1
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Sniper Master : City Hunter MOD APK offers players so many beautiful sniping screens. Going through many missions, contexts, and situations, your goal is to aim from afar and shoot down a series of dangerous enemies to keep the city safe.

Introduce about Sniper Master : City Hunter

Sniper game with super cool graphics, rich missions, and many situations to test your skills!

In Sniper Master : City Hunter, you will be a great sniper. You perform many great missions to protect the city’s security. The outstanding features of Sniper Master: City Hunter are the wonderful character creation, many enemies, a lot of rich situations and tasks, and a beautiful context.


As it is a sniper game, the player’s main weapon is the sniper rifle. After a certain number of missions are completed, you will be upgraded to a new weapon. Correspondingly, the game levels also gradually increase the challenge. The type of enemies is more dangerous, and the number of enemies is also clearly increased through the new missions. It forces you to constantly take advantage of new weapon powers, and increase your sensitivity and sniper skills to become more and more accurate, decisive, and quicker.

Later, not only smart, but your enemies also own fierce security systems such as muscular bodyguards, skilled assassins, and even bulletproof armored vehicles. If you miss, you create an opportunity for the enemy to escape from the scene. There is only one way to deal with these difficult situations: kill them with one shot. The more difficult the challenges, the more you must practice for yourself the skill of “one-shot” before being defeated by the enemy.

When you aim to shoot, before the gun fires, the enemy can kill you at any time. At first, they are quite passive, but as time goes on, their level of flexibility and intrigue increases. Enemies can also be sharpshooters who are very good at shooting. If you appear at the wrong time, you can be killed by one shot. Remember that here any shot can destroy the environment, which means even when the bullet does not hit you, it can still cause damage from shards of broken walls, glass, or surrounding objects.

You are a sniper, so Sniper Master : City Hunter does not have fierce confrontational action scenes. But its eerie stillness and unpredictable surprise can create excitement in another way.

Almost all the time, you can only rely on your skill advancement to overcome increasingly difficult challenges. Weapons can be upgraded and changed, but the basic sniper rifle is not too different. You must focus on improving your aiming, shooting, and quick reflexes.

Sniper backgrounds are skyscrapers in modern cities

One of the new and very interesting points of Sniper Master : City Hunter is the Context. If you’ve ever played a sniper game, you know there are two types: (1) sniper is just an extra skill in the main shooting phase of the character; and (2) sniper is the main skill but takes place in the context of quite familiar battlefields such as docks, factories, and workshops…

However, in this game, you will be sniping at skyscrapers, from magnificent Paris to New York, Tokyo, and many other modern cities. It feels very good to play, especially on tablets or devices with big screens. Standing alone in a high windy place, watching the city from above, and sometimes watching the night sky full of stars or a bright red sunset. There are not many action games with romantic feelings like that, right?

However, because the context is often skyscrapers, so your job is just to stay in one place, not run around. Instead, you stand or sit to aim and shoot enemies from a distance. By taking advantage of the aiming functions of each gun to determine the target most accurately and pull the trigger one shot to destroy the enemy.

Some of you may not like this way of sniping. But in real life, specialized snipers only stand in one place like this. There are two reasons: (1) standing still will help them focus on aiming to shoot more accurately; (2) sniper rifles often have a rather cumbersome system, so once set up, it is difficult to move to another place to shoot the enemy. So in terms of rationality and reality, Sniper Master : City Hunter is doing right.

Compete with fellow players everywhere

You can play offline or online in the arena for the best shooter.

To promote the spirit of soldiers, Sniper Master: City Hunter also has an arena ranking system. You will compete for achievements with the strongest snipers around the world to win high rankings and get many attractive rewards.

MOD APK version of Sniper Master : City Hunter

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Is the MOD version crashed?

Make sure that you turn off the internet before and while you playing the MOD version, otherwise the game may crash.

Download Sniper Master : City Hunter APK & MOD for Android

Sniper Master : City Hunter currently has hundreds of levels that are put into different contexts and difficult missions. This is a beautiful, cool, and quality sniper game that every shooter should try.

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