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NameSlaughter 3: The Rebels
Package Namecom.venomizedArt.SlaughterRebels
PublisherRay Spark
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
PriceFREE $5.00
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Slaughter 3: The Rebels (MOD Unlimited Money) is a sequel to Slaughter 2: Prison Assault, released by Ray Spark. This is a very attractive third-person shooter game set in a prison where you must fight dangerous and crazy criminals to gain life. When playing this game, you will feel the excitement and suspense in each main character’s mission. If you’re feeling fed up with survival games like PUBG Mobile or Free Fire, try The Rebels, the classic shooting game with an incredibly engaging storyline.

The Rebels is a shooting game highly rated by players and critics. The game is sold on Google Play for $ 1.99, but you can download the game for free via the APK file below this article. Before that, let find out some interesting information about the 3rd part of Slaughter.

Prison on the other side of the world

When playing Slaughter 3: The Rebels, you along with Russel, a mercenary fight the rebels in prison. After escaping from the city in part 1, he is now tasked with solving problems in a prison. This is a hidden prison in a place separate from the world. This prison holds criminals, killers, assassins, … Nothing they have never done.

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An incident to help the thugs escape. They are crazy and chaotic. Guards and police officers were all killed by them. People around must flee to the surrounding areas. You need to go there, restore order and search for the surviving soldiers, including Russel’s best friend. Will he complete the task? Remember, surviving in this prison has been a difficult task for any soldier. The criminals also have great strength and fighting ability. Moreover, they are crazy and violent.

Third-person shooter game

In terms of gameplay, Slaughter 3: The Rebels is a classic third-person shooter game. In this game, you are always surrounded by bloodthirsty criminals and frantic killers. Only the excellent skills of a soldier can help you survive. Constantly moving, looking for weapons such as machine guns, rifles, daggers, grenades, … to be ready to face all enemies. They are everywhere, ready to kill you whenever. Always stay alert!

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When participating in this war, you are not alone. Accompanying you are some mercenaries who have the same purpose as you when coming to this prison. They also have great fighting ability and are quite reliable. You can equip weapons and order them. Everyone has a different story and personality. Find out in battle.

Intuitive controls

The control system of the game is quite intuitive. Touch the left side of the screen to move and rotate the direction, the right side of your screen is a number of buttons such as fire, throw grenades or pick up equipment. When criminals approach, the firing button will automatically change to the button using melee weapons. However, I do not recommend using this feature. It’s best not to let them get close to you, shoot them down before they can attack.

If you hold the firing button while moving the cursor over the enemy, your cursor will turn red, which means that Russel automatically shoots down the criminal until he dies. Besides, grenades are a good solution if you face a group of enemies.


With a shooting game, weapons are always an important factor. I always loved to experience new types of guns. Of course, each weapon has different strengths and weaknesses. It requires skill and experience. Slaughter 3: The Rebels has many different types of guns such as machine guns, rifles, shotguns, pistols, … Besides, you can equip more melee weapons and grenades. Search for medicine and pharmaceuticals in the trash or somewhere on the map.

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When you use our Slaughter 3: The Rebels (MOD Unlimited Money), you can freely buy weapons, armor without worrying about money. With just a few simple steps, you can easily download and use. Enjoy!


With the Story mode, completing each mission of Slaughter 3: The Rebels, you will advance to the next stage. Learn the stories about the characters and the mysteries of this prison. In particular, after completing a stage or you die, you will appear in a cabin. Here, you will meet Nick, a guy with many funny and dark lines. If you get tired of the fight, talking to Nick is also quite an interesting thing. In the cabin there is a computer, you can use it to buy and trade weapons, armor, medicine, …

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Besides, Arena mode is where you fight with other online players. Hone your shooting skills and become the best soldier of The Rebels. In Free mode, you are free to search for weapons and enemies in an open city. Without duties and pressure, you are free to explore and relax. Do everything you want.


Slaughter 3: The Rebels features detailed 3D graphics that are meticulously executed. Images are smooth, realistic and there is no lag. The game has the bleak colors of a world of violence, madness and death. At night helps the game increase the dramatic and scary. You can only see everything through the faint light of the prison lights. The game is easy to run on multiple devices, you can use a mid-range phone.


Currently, if you’re looking for a quality and in-depth third-person shooter game, this is the game I can recommend for you. In addition to the elements and features of a shooting game, Slaughter 3: The Rebels has good content and dark jokes. Do not ignore the lines of the characters, you can ignore some interesting messages of this game.

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