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NameSlash of Sword 2
Package Namecom.Notriplea.SlashOfSwordRebelliousJousting
PublisherNoTriple-A Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold
RequiresAndroid 7.0

Slash of Sword 2 MOD APK is an offline RPG role-playing game on the mobile platform from the publisher NoTriple-A Games. In the game, you are a character who is in a situation where the blame falls from the sky and everything then moves forward unpredictably.

Introduce about Slash of Sword 2

Pick up your weapon and whitewash yourself!

The plot just heard can make you angry instead of the main character

The situation that occurs in the game is a classic of Hollywood action movies. You are an ordinary tourist, spending a normal day in your seemingly peaceful life. Suddenly a bad thing happens, all the evidence is focused on you. From a good citizen, you become a dangerous murderer. How to prove your innocence and what more creepy secrets hidden behind do you find?

Just listening to this, have you been able to imagine the drama of the game and the life-and-death battle that you are about to experience? Just trying to imagine myself falling into this guy’s situation is enough to get mad that I wanted to fight with those rotten plots right away!

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Obviously, in this action 3D game, you need to be extremely careful and skillful to not fall into the traps of the enemy and find a way to deal with each villain one by one, then gain experience, weapons, resources and upgrade your strength and skills as much as possible. It is because the mission in the game is not only one, but 3 in 1: find a way to survive, whitewash yourself and find the truth of the matter. 

The gameplay is not trivial at all but extremely hard

To match the magnitude of such a deep criminal plot, the gameplay of the game must also be very interesting, right? I thought so and was not disappointed at all when getting the first experience with the game. Slash of Sword 2 has personal choice gameplay that has brought a lot of surprises.

In addition to smooth control, attack, and defense operations by touching, dragging, holding, and releasing your fingers on the screen, you also have to constantly think and choose what to do first, what to do later, continue attacking, or stop. If you are still confused when the game starts, you should keep yourself safe and find ways to attack as quickly and as many enemies as possible. It is because after each victory you will have more skills and new weapons. So, just go ahead first, consider anything later!

A few bag-packing tips for new players

Here is another way for you to speed up the process of “integration” and perfecting yourself. Along with the three main missions of the game, there are countless small missions and difficult situations that randomly appear. If you successfully complete these special opportunities, you will be able to own a super-strong weapon or a treasure of accumulated points that you normally have to fight a lot to get. Importantly, along with your own achievements and choices in each scene, the entire game system will recreate to make things go in a new direction. This is the jewel of Slash of Sword 2. It’s like in real life where you can choose and each decision leads to many different paths in life.

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This also means that later, even if you want to play the game again, you will see everything completely different, not duplicated, or maybe even the most unexpected developments. The game is like a loop where even each butterfly can change the destiny of a person.

Well, don’t ignore the dialogue between the main character and the NPCs of the game, because somewhere in these situations there will be hints leading to a shocking secret that you will know at the end of the game. And these brief conversations are also an ingenious way of telling the story going to your heart of Slash of Sword 2.

Unique graphics and sound

The visual system is clearly a part that the production team very well cared for. The shape of the main character is clear, strong, full of sensations on the face, and a fully depicted complex mind. Enemy forces are rife and diverse with unpredictable transformations in all different forms and malicious shapes. Not only the characters but also the natural scenery, the streets, and every corner in the game are all manicured very carefully. The arsenal of weapons and skills of both the main character and the villains are also on the top. It’s really hard to find at the moment an optional action strategy game with such a strong investment on the mobile platform.

It must also be noted that the great effort of AI technology in Slash of Sword 2. Thanks to this extremely intelligent process of learning and accumulating experience, you can see that the evil in the game is strong, clever, and even has boundless tricks. Defeating a small boss of the scene is also not easy at all.

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And finally, for the game to be complete, the sound effects with dramatic slashing phases, the sound of running feet, the sound of weapons colliding with each other… all of them synergistically push the game to the highest level in the strategic action game genre.

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Unlimited Gold

Download Slash of Sword 2 MOD APK for Android

If a normal game doesn’t make it difficult for you, or you think you are hardened with the difficulties in mobile games, and you are looking for a game that can both give you long-term entertainment and challenge all your potential, then Slash of Sword 2 is here for you.

Download the game to play right here, everyone.

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