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NameSky Raptor
Package Namecom.skyraptor.spaceshooter
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Energy
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Have you ever thought that one day you will control a spaceship to fly into space and represent humanity to fight against aggressive alien forces? Sky Raptor can make your dream come true.

Introduce about Sky Raptor

Space Shooter – Alien Galaxy Attack

Only one warrior can do this

Our earth is threatened by a series of alien attackers entering here through the cosmic hole. You are an elite fighter who is specially trained for this survival mission.

Your job in Sky Raptor is simply to fly spaceships and fight alien enemies. It may sound difficult, but it’s really fun and easy to play, guys. There is no need to manipulate too much even when enemies are spread all over the way. Our heavy flying spacecraft can do everything automatically from self-balancing to resist the Earth’s gravity to self-fire existing ammunition. Ammo is also endless, so you don’t need to worry. Our work is just a clever back and forth control and quickly dodge bullets from the enemy. The rest is left to the spacecraft.

The space gap is getting bigger and bigger, and the enemies are coming in more and more. They are stronger and more agile than before. So, you also need to constantly upgrade your flying spaceship, diversify your weapons, increase your equipment to be able to send all the enemies out into space, close that evil hole and return peace in the Earth.

Unfortunately, there is no equipment on Earth that is powerful or capable of fighting aliens, except for the spacecraft you are piloting. So, from beginning to end, our warrior tenaciously fights alone without any comrades or companions. Because of this harsh nature, in addition to upgrading ships and weapons, you also need to equip yourself with enough weapons, ammunition, medicine and things to preserve your own safety.

React quickly to any situation

In each battle, you will have to overcome ten diverse types of enemies, including nine subtypes and one boss. Later they will be even more overwhelming in number, size and extremely large weapons.

The confrontation phase, shooting from the spaceship in Sky Raptor is extremely eye-catching, especially the boss battles. These airship warriors are on equal terms with you. Their spaceships are sometimes several times larger than ours with long bullets filling the screen. In return, defeating the bosses will bring you a lot of huge upgrades to prepare to face the more thrilling future. You must move your ship to dodge bullets while not letting it hit enemy ships. If you transgress one of the two above, you will immediately return the beginning and lose a lot of diamonds in reserve to respawn.

The secret to this game is almost nothing special. You just need to skillfully move back and forth on the screen, choose the right weapon and react quickly to stay safe amidst the bombardment. This is a game genre that must be practiced regularly if you want to get to the top quickly. Overall, it is also useful for those of you who want to train your eyes, train your brain, and speed your reflexes.

Upgrade every aspect to not fall behind

Because you are alone against the aliens that are continuously increasing in quantity and quality, you have to continuously win actively in the first stages. Accumulating diamonds to upgrade the spaceship from the engine components to the external appearance will help you become stronger and more aggressive.

In addition to upgrading the spaceship, a series of powerful weapons are also waiting for you to level up and equip your warship. You can get machine guns, cannons, flamethrowers, or even super items like laser guns, rockets, and tornado guns. The battlefield is extremely fierce with the discharge rates of all types of guns with lots of bullets, which can help you attack like a storm on a large scale.

The explosion effect, light and color of each bullet are also hugely different. But they are all incredibly beautiful, brilliant, and majestic. The combat atmosphere in the game has never shown any signs of less attraction.

Many levels of freely shooting

Sky Raptor has many game modes to test your fighting skills. For example, the Campaign mode will take you to 150 distinct levels to rescue the galaxy. Survival mode does not limit time and amout. You can play for hours in each battle. Boss fighting mode will help you “reunited” with a series of giant Bosses and try your hand at exploding screen battles. There is also a PvP mode for players to compete with friends, which is also quite attractive.

MOD APK version of Sky Raptor

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Energy

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Super speed spaceship battle game with super terrible weapons. What an awesome experience. Eye-catching 3D graphics, more than one thousand models of warship and extraordinary, dozens of huge bosses, and explosively explosive landscapes. In short, you should play right away because it’s too exciting.

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