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In addition to fighting games, MOBA games or fierce shooter games, the puzzle combines adventure games always have a solid foothold in the gaming community around the world. And the game we want to introduce to you today is Sky: Light Await, a game with adventure style combined with an extremely interesting puzzle.

Released by Thatgamecompany, Sky: Light Await is making its way onto the iTunes Store app rankings. Currently, this game only supports iOS devices, Sky: Light Await APK for Android will be released next year. The game is very light, very suitable for those who like to enjoy the game. Play Sky: Light Await is not a bad idea at all.

Overview information

NameSky: Light Await
Size717 MB
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresiOS 9.0

An adventurous adventure

Sky: Light Await will take you on an adventurous adventure in the fantasy world. A colorful world, poetic landscapes are waiting for you to discover. Sky’s plot: Light Await is no less attractive. Sky: Light Await is an adventure of the main character in the game on the journey to find the mystery hidden in the forgotten kingdom long ago.

On the way, there are many dangers that are stalking you, strange creatures or especially the dark forces. There is only one fire in your hand, fly towards the light and stay away from the cruel night. Your mission in Sky: Light Await is moving through dark lands, with gleams of light on the streets, you have to find clues for yourself to find the way out.

Some key features include:

  • Glide and explore the beautiful sky
  • Explore new lands with friends
  • Solve interesting quizzes, and secrets
  • Meet the mysterious characters in the journey

Easy control, beautiful graphics

Control manipulation in Sky: Light Await is very simple for the players. You will not take much time to get used to it. Just touch, swipe about the way you want to go and your character will move in the direction indicated. Use your fabulous inference to overcome the challenges that the game poses for the player.

If you do not feel able to solve it yourself, use light candles to discover new secrets and new ways of the kingdom. My experience after playing Sky: Light Await is to watch out for characters and strange things on your journey as it is likely to be an important clue to solving the challenges you encounter later. Conquer all challenges, explore the secret of the inhabitants and the mysterious kingdom.

In addition to exploring, conquer the challenges, Sky: Light Await also allows players to freely fly, enjoy the majestic scenery, beautiful from the sky.

Sky: Light Await owns beautiful 3D graphics. This game is built on a mysterious, mysterious style not to be less than 2 parts of Monument Valley. Scenes, characters and effects are meticulously polished, smoothly for the player to have the perfect experience. I think you will feel enjoy living in a colorful Anime movie, free to fly on the beautiful land as a dream.

My thought

I value Sky: Light Await owns the plot and the graphics are extremely wonderful. If you are a fan of Anime, then you have no reason to miss this extremely exciting adventure puzzle game. A new style of gaming, an exciting graphics. Please quickly download Sky: Light Await APK /IPA to your device to be able to experience this interesting game.

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