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NameSid Meier’s Civilization VI
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Civilization is a legendary game series with 25 years of age; An attractive real-time strategy game series is much more beautiful than Clash of Clans or Game of Thrones; With the mission of bringing a nomadic tribe into a superpower in the world. Sid Meier, Firaxis Games’ creative director, designed and produced all six parts of the series, and for the sixth installment, he brought a series of familiar games into an exciting game on the PC platform, Mac & Mobile.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, the latest in the series, was debuts on the Android and iOS platforms by Aspyr, with some clever and bold enhancements, giving the player a deeper experience. Once you join this game, it’s too hard to think of anything else because it’s so tempting.

It’s a journey from one tribe to one country

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The gameplay of this game allows you to start building your own empire from the earliest foundations and build it into a modern and developed empire. This game is built on real-time strategy gameplay, a large map so you can compete with other players or AI and expand your territory.

Initially, you need to set up the city and collect nearby resources to build and expand your city. From a small tribe, you will get the growth quickly and sufficiently for you to set up your own institution. Once you have enough resources, you need to have your own army to protect yourself and use it for future expansion. You will have to play as a great leader in your country, start building the country, give diplomatic policies to neighboring countries, build cooperative relationships, or decide on war. You will hold all the powers of a real leader.

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Once you explore, exploit the resources around and get your own country, you can start taking over the entire map through some winning conditions. This game has excellent win conditions, for example, you can win with your military strength; Or if you want, you can win by creating a religion and persuading the world to trust you. By tracking other countries, you can achieve different winning conditions, constantly expanding empires and gathering resources.

There are many things to do that I can not tell in a few sentences. The gameplay of this game is quite complex and it probably does not fit the simple ones. Fortunately, guides and interfaces are made easy to understand, scientific and intuitive to represent enough information that players can understand the details in itself.


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This game brings true experience of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI even on the iOS platform. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI has been optimized to be able to run on multiple platforms rather than on PC as before. But it still gives players a sense of satisfaction and glamor. The iOS version of this game is no different than the PC version, but at a lower resolution and more appropriate.

Owning the graphics is not different from the PC version, so the amount of players that can play this game on iOS drops significantly, namely only the supported iPads can bear the graphics of the game. That even the latest iPhone cannot do

Sid Meier Civilization VI

My thought

Do not know how you? But I had to wait so long to play this game on the iPad. Just by playing it, I learned that this is a real quality game. The game is almost identical to the version on Mac that I played earlier, more comfortable operation because I can use the touchpad and keyboard.

But I’m not really satisfied with the graphics of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. In addition to the PC version can play with the highest graphics quality; Mac and iOS versions do not support Retina. Although I still judge the gameplay as the most important and the best in the game, the graphics of the game make me frustrated. Can you imagine how to read the instructions and the lines are not sharp?

Now you can download games to the iPad to experience absolutely free. And if you want, you can buy the full version.

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