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Currently, Shinobi Run Endless has been released in the US region. The global release is in beta, however, you can download the APK file of this game on APKMODY.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Shinobi Run Endless
    1. The story
    2. Become the ultimate Shinobi
    3. Overcome traps, ninja and move forward
    4. Equip items to make the ninja stronger
    5. Graphics
  2. Download Shinobi Run Endless APK for Android

Introduce about Shinobi Run Endless

Endless Shinobi Run is a unique game of two genres of action and endless run. In the game, you will try to set the best achievements and explore mysterious lands, where no one has ever set foot.

The story

The journey in Shinobi Run Endless begins with an unknown Shinobi ninja. He is trying to cross the Alps to find the head of the Tsuchigumo clan for revenge. Why? Because he caused the deaths of his family and all villagers.

However, in order to set foot in the Alps, the Shinobi must accept with a curse. He will be gifted with immortality, but his life will have to be tied to this mountain range to destroy the villains of the Tsuchigumo, as they descend from the mountain and prepare to carry out massacres.

Become the ultimate Shinobi

In fact, there are many Shinobi that embark on an endless journey across the Alps. They share the same goal of destroying the Tsuchigumo clan and becoming the ultimate Shinobi. That means that you will also enter a competition to be the strongest, while always trying to avenge for the ninja’s family.

Shinobi Run Endless screenshot

Shinobi Run Endless in the view of the endless-run game, your goal is to move far and to score the highest score. However, the endless Alps journey is full of dangers, mainly from traps and evil ninjas. They lay out along the trails that you move, and increase constantly as you move further.

The Shinobi has a number of abilities to defend himself. You can control him to jump over obstacles, perform a slash to destroy enemies, dodge or strike head-on. Personally, attacking is quite difficult. It is suitable for those with experience and the ability to react quickly, and is also appropriate at the beginning of the journey, when the pace of the game is not too fast.

Overcome traps, ninja and move forward

In fact, Shinobi Run Endless does not have many on-screen buttons. Items and symbols will help you perform the corresponding actions. When you encounter enemies on the way, the system will give you two options, either evade or attack them.

Shinobi Run Endless gameplay

Second, although Shinobi Run Endless is an endless-run game, it includes the element of time. Your character will lose his life or be forced to end the journey when the time is up. But while moving, you can collect blue orbs to increase the time limit. Some special orbs provide resurrection abilities. And a little tip for you, that is not to ignore any sphere. Collect them when possible.

Equip items to make the ninja stronger

Shinobi Run Endless has the elements of an action game, it is shown through the gameplay and item system for the character.

Shinobi Run Endless download

For more information about these items, you can visit the store. Some of the most common are rings, hats and necklaces. Of course, when you equip these items on your character, he will receive corresponding benefits, such as increased playtime, attacks at longer distances, an increase of 5% points corresponding to the distance has gone, …


Shinobi Run Endless has relatively simple 2D graphics. It has a style quite similar to the Stickman series, as the setting was built during the Kamakura and Edo periods. Covering the entire game is three colors black, white and red. It represents the dark, mysterious, blood and full of the dangers of the Alps.

Additionally, Shinobi Run Endless is ranked in the 12+ content category. The game contains scenes of light violence and gore.

Download Shinobi Run Endless APK for Android

Quadrilateral is trying to approach the endless-run genre under a new, interesting and more challenging angle. Currently, the Shinobi Run Endless is very popular in the US region. As is expected, the global version of the game will also soon achieve similar achievements.

Download Shinobi Run Endless and install the game on your Android device. This game is entertaining, while also challenging you when a series of dangers await. How far can you go in this endless journey?

Note: Currently, there is no APK file of Shinobi Run Endless. The game is in the Pre-Register version. We will update it as soon as possible.

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