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Shining Nikki APK is the sequel to Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen, a game that combines RPG and fashion simulation for characters from Papergames.

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Introduce about Shining Nikki

Takes you on an endless fashion adventure.

The gameplay is simple but very attractive

Bringing the classic features of a fashion game, Shining Nikki allows you to customize every detail: hairstyle, contact lens color, and thousands of outfits that any girl wishes to have. The costume I’m talking about here is much more complicated than what we see in real life.

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It is the type of fashionista that has nothing but money. A Nikki outfit through rounds and many upgrades, complete will include clothes, skirts, dresses, jackets, belts, necklaces, bracelets, gloves, rings, watches, socks, shoes, sandals, hats, hairpins, bags, wallets, backpacks…

Each activity of Nikko’s character will have a lot of things for you to choose from to dress her up. You have a thousand options to choose from, each of which is sumptuous, sleek, and stylish. Fashion girl, are you ready to enter the luxurious world of high fashion?

Shining Nikki has more than you can think of in a fashion game

In this comeback, Shining Nikki also adds a nice feature that reflects the outside life: virtual living in real life. After “dressing up” Nikko will take pictures of fashion portraits, magazine covers, or movie posters, or simply rotate a few times in front of her best friends. This means that you will be able to witness your lovely character posing in a variety of styles depending on the mood and style of the outfit she’s wearing. And believe me, you will learn a lot of interesting things from this lady character.

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But Nikki doesn’t just dress up and dress up all day. Shining Nikki also brings unprecedented special compared to any fashion game you have ever known. Because in the game, there is a big story. Behind each gorgeous outfit is a lot of thought and small pieces to lead you to a larger mission: accompany Nikko and the designers to save her hometown Miraland from impending doom. Never have I played a fashion game that was so exciting and thrilling. I just wish my Chinese was better to understand all the details of the characters’ dialogue. Well, instead, I wish Shining Nikki had an English version so that players wouldn’t have to guess what the characters say.

Following Nikki are many stories, the scenes are also constantly changing. Sometimes you stay at Nikki’s house, sometimes you board the Ark with friends across the Ocean of Memories, sometimes you appear in a concert hall, or a starry stage… Everything in Shining Nikki, from costumes, fashion styles of all times, colors, characters’ stories… never ends and brings endless excitement to players in a very subtle and aesthetically pleasing way.

Images and delicate materials

The 3D image in Shining Nikki will make you go from surprise to surprise. Each character appears with a glittery appearance, an ideal body, and the right standards for every girl and boy in dreams. It can be said that this return, Shining Nikki not only does better than the special features inherent in the previous part but also outstanding with fashion and appearance performances. Fans of fashion must at least once play this game.

The entire character creation and smooth movements in Shining Nikki are achieved with such finesse, according to the producer, thanks to AI learning from thousands of different fabric textures and a model that includes more than 80,000 different polygons form, accompanied by the latest technology standard lighting and shading effects. Well, we don’t need to pay much attention to these complicated standards. Just know that there is certainly no fashion game that has such glitter, sparkling and realistic outfits.

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You look at this pure princess dress, as if you can touch its buoyancy, then these layers, you can even see how many layers of fabric are behind that softness. Although having played through many beautiful games I’m still surprised because everything in this game must be said to be “unprecedentedly beautiful”.

Download Shining Nikki APK for Android

This fashion game that combines light combat role-playing Shining Nikki is expected to make a hit. First, because it’s so beautiful, then because it hits into the mind of every fashionista, especially girls. You can download the global of this game via the link below.

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