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Shadows of Kurgansk APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.3.61.59

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NameShadows of Kurgansk
Package Namecom.gaijindistr.freeabandoned
PublisherGaijin Distribution KFT
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Easy survival with Shadows of Kurgansk MOD APK version (Unlimited Money) provided by APKMODY. Download the MOD version via the link we put below the article.

Introduce about Shadows of Kurgansk

Shadows of Kurgansk is a survival game with horror elements. You are lost in the apocalyptic world, where death and mutated creatures exist. Gaijin Distribution KFT really knows how to create an adventure adventure, players always have the feeling that this journey can end at any time. You might be scared if you play this game alone!


Shadows of Kurgansk has a story revolving around an ill-fated guy. While travelling on a helicopter in search of a life with his teammates, an incident happened, causing him to fall off the helicopter. The pilot maybe was missing and probably did not survive.

The world has been in the apocalypse for many years. The scene faded and became desolate. Everywhere were creepy creatures and bloodthirsty zombies. The main character has to survive in such a world. What will his fate be when his food supply is scarce and all factors seem to be working against him? Maybe only you can find the answer.


Shadows of Kurgansk is divided into two parts, including: “The Way Home” and “Deserted Shore”.

Shadows of Kurgansk for android

You will start with The Way Home, with the goal is finding your way back to a safe haven. You are trapped in the wasteland, while your pilot goes missing with the helicopter. You will have to survive until the other teammates come to the rescue.

Shadows of Kurgansk has realistic survival elements. Not only do you face deadly traps and bloodthirsty corpses, but you also face accidents and scarce food supplies.

First of all, about food sources. Your character is a human being, he has thinking and strength. That health is gradually lost when he is active and can be recharged with the addition of foods such as fruit, meat, water and sleeping.

Shadows of Kurgansk mod apk

Food is not available, you need to find weapons to hunt animals, pick mushrooms and set fire to cook them.

Each part of the game is divided into several days. Each day has a goal to accomplish, and you need to work on them at the earliest before the day ends, or your character’s health runs out. Hold on until other teammates to find your character. However, the level of difficulty is getting higher and higher, requiring you to have survival skills in the wild and an intuition that warns you of imminent dangers.

The realistic survival game

Shadows of Kurgansk is assessed as a realistic and attractive survival game. You will also soon see this when you get lost in a deserted place. The apocalyptic world is full of dangers, from high voltage networks, radioactive areas. If unfortunately, your character will die and you have to start everything from scratch.

In addition, the undead and anomalous creatures tend to attack and eat living creatures. You really are “delicious” prey for them, when accidentally lost in the Shadows of Kurgansk. This is the second thing I want to mention. You need weapons to protect yourself.

Collect resources and craft

The game does not provide any support items. You will have to search and collect them on the map. Rocks, sticks, nails and other materials such as coal, wood. They can be used to create weapons, equipment, and buildings.

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However, your character has only a finite bag, can hold 20kg. If you pick up too many types, the bag gets heavy, making it difficult to move around and you won’t even pick up other things. So, consider the number of materials/ingredients you need.

MOD APK version of Shadows of Kurgansk

MOD features

  • Unlimited Skill Points: Increases as you use.
  • Unlimited Money: Increases as you use.

Points and Money are used for a variety of purposes, including purchasing support items and revive tickets. If you make a mistake, you can do it again when you resurrect, instead of having to replay from the beginning of the day.

Some levels of Shadows of Kurgansk are quite lengthy, and replaying will take time and effort to redo what you’ve already done. You can save those things when using the MOD APK version we provide.

Download Shadows of Kurgansk MOD APK for Android

There are quite a few survival games you can find these days, they are in the shooting genre and most have a team nature. But if you have experienced those things, and want to find something new, you should try Shadows of Kurgansk. This game’s return home journey is longer and more difficult than ever. And with your survival ability, how long can you survive?

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