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NameScythe: Digital Edition
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Are you looking for a board game that is full of strategy and also combines the ability to build sustainability in a fascinating post-Great War theme? If yes, what are you waiting for without playing Scythe: Digital Edition APK, a turn-based strategy game from the publisher Asmodee Digital.

Introduce about Scythe: Digital Edition

Industrial and military war between 5 empires in the vast Europa region

The background

Scythe: Digital Edition is inspired by the Europa region of the 1920s. The Great War has passed a few years, but its echoes are still smoldering. A series of tense conflicts are continuing daily and are the beginning of a new war. In the countries existing in these tumultuous times is ‘The Factory’, an independent, autonomous city-state with rich resources. And it quickly became the target of many surrounding empires.

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In the game, you will become the hero of one of five factions: the Sachsen Empire, the Crimean Khanate, the Rusviet Union, the Republic of Polania, and the Kingdom of Northern Europe. You will fight to gain The Factory to become the richest and most advanced nation of Europa.

This game will help you explore, conquer new territories, recruit soldiers, deploy your forces, and build invincible armies of combat Mechs. You will own many advanced weapons, machines, and constantly make strategic decisions. This war is really arduous because the victory does not favor anyone, any empire can become the leader of Europa in this complicated dark period.

Special features in the gameplay

Although being a traditional turn-based 4X board game, Scythe: Digital Edition contains many challenges for you, from the beginning until the game culminates.

First, each player will start their battle with different initial resources including energy, coins, keen combat sense, popularity… that make a distinction between factions. And the way to start is also completely different, from the location for the first battle to the first secret goal.

Next, the strategy in Scythe: Digital Edition is at an extremely high level and is a sharp “weapon” for any player who has subtle strategic blood in them. You will control almost the entire fate of the kingdom you are in power. Every battle, every move is within your reach and decision. The element of chance on this throne chessboard is only 1%, which is in the Encounter, where you interact with the inhabitants of the newly reclaimed land.

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That means, you do not know how they will react, and your army will attack or be attacked in the new land. Anyway, being lucky and unlucky is only in this part. The rest, from the way to fight, arrange the squad, choose the army, weapons… is up to you to control, all can be selected and handled in your way. So, the victory depends entirely on the player’s ability to observe and great strategy. Those who love hardcore strategy games will surely love this.

The third factor that makes Scythe: Digital Edition a strong position is the ability to build. Every time you play, you will see the development and expansion of your empire are different. It is due to the open construction function.

Build your base

Everything needs to be built to be used. The higher the ability to build, the more you will improve your strength. You will fight in battles effectively and gain more victories. You should build special base buildings, recruit new soldiers to your side, activate combat Mechs to defend, prevent the enemy from invading, and at the same time expand the border, find and accumulate more resources and weapons for your team.

This game is not only about fighting tactics, but also building a solid rear. This construction stage is the core to bring prosperous and long-term development in the future. This is also the factor that makes the difference between Scythe: Digital Edition and other tactical card games. When you realize your building ability has improved, you will see that your level changes, one level higher than your opponent and your previous self. As the common saying goes, “Protecting the country goes hand in hand with building the country”, this is the classic stage of “building the country” to start a stable economy and technology in the future.

Card game with many unique modes

Finally, you know, various game modes are rare in a board game. However, Scythe: Digital Edition is a 4X strategy board game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXtermina) where the level of customization is at its peak: you can freely adjust the options to get your best strategic advantage in each stage. You can choose “specialty” for each task such as Agriculturalist, Industrialist, Engineer, Patriot, or Mechanic. You also can choose to fight solo against AI, play with a group of friends in mode Pass and Play or battle many other players in Online Mode.

Review about graphics and sound

In Scythe: Digital Edition, you will not see a board game with dry “chess moves” as usual but will admire a retro-futuristic battle art that is both realistic and classic. The entire 2D graphics of Scythe: Digital Edition have nostalgic colors, quiet tones, and a rather static background to highlight the tactical nature of the whole war.

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Not rushing, noisy like fighting games, nor too boring like some other tactical card games, Scythe: Digital Edition really made a different impression when harmoniously combining the nostalgic visuals and mature fighting style with light background sound interspersed with suspenseful moments at the beginning of the battles.

Important note!

Before opening the game, please disconnect from the internet. Otherwise, you will be stuck on the loading screen.

Download Scythe: Digital Edition APK for Android

The game is constantly updating with new factions and mats for each mode. It focuses on both building and defending empires. It has top-notch retro graphics and super catchy sounds. Where are the tactical gamers? Let’s come here to play right away! But first, download Scythe: Digital Edition here.

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