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NameSchool of Dragons
Package Namecom.KnowledgeAdventure.SchoolOfDragons
PublisherJumpStart Games
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 5.0

School of Dragons APK from the publisher JumpStart Games is a tactical adventure RPG game inspired by the popular series How to Train Your Dragon. Let’s explore mysterious worlds in this action-adventure game!

Introduce about School of Dragons

Fly fast, train hard, and learn well to become the Ultimate Dragon Trainer!


Training dragons is not easy. But with it comes a lot of fun going on. You will be one of the mighty Viking warriors, born with a mission and natural talent to tame dragons. You will be with Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, and many friends in Dragon Training School, learning how practicing how to make and raise and train dragons together. There are many quests and many mysteries to be discovered during the learning process at the school. Each mission completed, you will be promoted. If you finish at an excellent level, you will be honored on the school’s gold board. You will go through challenges and missions to be the best Ultimate Dragon Trainer of all time.

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While raising and training dragons, you will form a close relationship with them. As they grow up, their feelings and bonds also deepen. At some point, a lovely little dragon will become a mighty creature like in the legend, which is also the time when you can accompany your dragon friend to go on new adventures.

Along with dragons, you can explore the ocean, find the city that has been buried under the sea, discover the deep caves leading to an alien civilization of humanity. Or you can go deep into the land of Berk together, to find a romantic place, ideal for practicing skills and skills learned in school. The duo of a Viking master with a tenacious heart and a dragon with many great skills will become a pair of superpowers, together to conquer the mysterious world drawn in School of Dragons.

There are many varieties of dragons for you to conquer and accompany

Up to the present time, School of Dragons has more than 60 different species of dragons. Each species is a different shape, color, size, and ability. In the vast world of School of Dragons, you can freely find the right space and way to train your dragon.

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There, you can do hundreds of things to live happily ever with your dragon such as racing, catching balls, traveling around. You can also experience the main economic activity of the Vikings is Farming and Fishing. When Farming, you will have your own farm and you can grow whatever you like. When Fishing, you will and your dragon deploy a series of skills to catch the most fish in the shortest time.

Train, fly, and customize over 60 of your favorite Dreamworks Dragons

I heard that School of Dragons was originally made with a target audience of children. Because to play well, children must master basic life skills in real life, learn a lot of new knowledge by themselves through games of seducing, subduing, and training dragons. The game is also an opportunity for children to see cute legendary creatures, interact and talk for hours with them.

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School of Dragons is a long game. You will never be bored because the career of hatching and collecting dragons is long. Each dragon has a different approach to parenting, and when they grow up, they are not alike. There are also tons of things for you to do, hundreds of places to explore. Not to mention the game also be updated all the time by the publisher.

Some impressive numbers from School of Dragons

  • 60 species of dragons from the original movie with 3D rendering that can’t be cuter
  • More than 30 different lands including many terrains: islands, caves, mainland, valleys for you to explore. Each land contains many fascinating strange mysteries.
  • There are many missions, unlimited time, and space, the more dragons you collect, the more interesting the game will be.
  • Meet a series of adorable childish Viking characters from the series, such as Hiccup, Toothless…
  • Dozens of skills to practice and master: flying skills with Toothless, Meatlug, and all other dragon heroes in Flight Club, racing skills to compete with dragon pets, letting dragons practice shooting fireballs, giving Dragons eat, go fishing, farm, harvest agricultural products…
  • The game allows customizing dragons with thousands of different colors and skins. Each dragon, although the same, is different, creating a rich and irresistible dragon world.
  • More than 30 dragon training courses for you to learn and practice your skills together
  • Meet lots of new characters and adventures in the game’s story with 8 expansion packs offering over 400 different missions.

Download School of Dragons APK for Android

Those who want to play dragon game, raise dragons, and collect this most lovely legendary creature, let’s play School of Dragons immediately. The gameplay is varied, the 3D world is so rich and many of these discoveries in the game will be worth keeping on your phone and playing year after year.

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