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If someday, you want to go back in time to go back to your high school, let try to experience it in School Days MOD APK (Editor Unlocked, No ADS) by MDickie. Or if you are still going to school? Never mind. Because in this game, your school days are another life, the experience is more exciting and funny.

About School Days

High school is the time to bring good memories in each person. At that time, most of us are free to participate in fun activities, study with friends without much concern about life.

School Days is a well-known simulation game alongside The Sim Mobile, helping you to experience another life in a virtual world created by the game. I am often fascinated by such games because there are so many new features to explore. In real life, I am a shy person, but in this game, I can do crazy things that I never dare to do, such as beating the bully or confessing to the girl who I liked.

Create a character

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To start the game, you need a character representing you in this virtual world. You can customize and choose everything that you like for your character, from hairstyles, hair color, skin color, clothes, etc. As this is a game of depth, so not only appearance, you can choose a personality for the character. Do you like to be a handsome guy stole the hearts of many girls in school? Or a smart guy always with glasses and a book on hand? Have you ever dreamed of becoming the most beautiful girl in high school? In School Days, you can become anyone you want.


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On the left of your screen are arrows that move the character left, right, up, down. Because School Days is a real-life simulation game, it needs a lot of manipulation with virtual keys on the right side of the screen, including:

  • A: Quickly attack those nearby.
  • G: Grapple with the opponent. This button can also create a hug or throw something on your hand. Combine G + Direction to grapple the opponent in the direction you want.
  • R: Run. Perhaps no need to further explanation. Combo R + A to perform a powerful attack.
  • P: Pick up an object in the closest position in front of you. Combo R + P to burn something.
  • T: Interacting with others or with an object around them. If you want to chat with someone then use this virtual key.

In conversations, you can touch the conversation to skip them, shorten the time.

Your health is the most important!

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When playing School Days, you can see your biological clock at the corner of the screen to indicate your health every day. It decreases over time and decreases faster every time you fight or do something spend much energy intensive. In order for it to recover, you need to go to a fast food shop and eat something. Of course you have to pay for them, otherwise, the shop owner will go crazy and throw you out the door. Quite funny that your character will pick up food from the ground up and put it in his mouth, but it’s okay because health is the most important!

In addition, the most economical way to restore your health is sleep. In this game, the character can sleep anywhere, be it in the bed, the study table, the public toilet or in the middle of the school grounds. Before you leave the game, let your character sleep for the best health when you come back.

School Days simulation

Underneath the health meter is your confidence meter. The way it works is the same, but it only decreases when you engage in negative activities, such as vandalism or fighting. It does not really affect your character, but when it drops to 0, your character will lose control over a period of time and do a lot of crazy things. It is best to keep a positive attitude before bad things happen.

MOD APK version of School Days

MOD Features

  • Editor Unlocked
  • No Ads

Download School Days MOD APK for Android

Beside countless exciting features of a simulation game, players also experience a real world thanks to the 3D graphics of the game. Currently, the game is available for both iOS and Android operating systems and allows players to download absolutely free. If you want to join now, please download School Days via the links below this article. (Note that the game is only for players aged seventeen and over).

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