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NameScary Mansion
Package Namecom.skytecgames.horrorhouse
PublisherSkytec Games, Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Scary Mansion MOD APK is a game that gives you goosebumps just thinking about it. This game will bring you the atmosphere of the horror movie Jason and Friday the 13th. Are you ready to hear this gloomy game review?

Introduce about Scary Mansion

Play a crazy survival horror game and enjoy the terrifying slasher atmosphere!


The genius but evil Dr. Jason Crow has found a new victim, you, the postman Freddy. You will play this poor guy and go through moments of extreme stress and fear. Freddy will have to overcome this horrible obsession alone, on the way to escape, he always has to wriggle in the corners of the mansion, solve puzzles, break traps and escape the house full of violence and brutality.

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There are no lengthy descriptive cutscenes and no complicated plot. Immediately, Scary Mansion will put you in the air of chasing in fear and despair.

This setting is reminiscent of the movies about serial killers Jason and Friday the 13th, a killer whose hobby is imprisoning and tormenting his victims. It’s also the feeling that fills your mind while playing Scary Mansion.


It’s not wrong to call Scary Mansion a crazy horror game. From the very first seconds, you are immediately sucked into a gloomy mansion. Waking up, you find yourself in a locked room. There is almost no exit. You are struggling to understand what to do and what to do and suddenly a strange voice spoke. It tells you to open the door, find every corner of the mansion, find the key to open the door to get out of this place. The opportunity only comes once, so be very careful, don’t let the killer find out if you don’t want to die miserably.

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Scary Mansion has many levels. Each level begins in the same way: the mailman rings the bell and is immediately dragged inside the house after a blow to unconsciousness. The happy ending is always the scene where Freddy can find the door key and escape from the terrible house, leaving Dr. Crow roared madly behind him. But the progression in each level is completely different. Indoor furniture, puzzles, placement of items are also different. It forces you to play from the beginning, erase everything you have done before to enter a new experience. Each level opens a new floor of the mansion, which means that later on, everything becomes larger and larger, making the chase even more terrifying

A feeling of dread that overwhelms the mind

The deadly silence, and always knowing that a dangerous killer is stalking after you every second, will make you scared. At each level, you can choose an item to carry, be it a flashlight, a compass, a knife… But you can only take one. In each difficulty level, Dr. Crow will have different abilities to scour and threaten your life. And the instructions in the game themselves will also decrease if you choose a higher difficulty level. Play slowly, if it’s too difficult from the beginning, you will be overwhelmed.

The difficulty of the player is to always keep his mind awake, even in a state of extreme fear. You need to listen to the instructions, or find all the clues to reach the end goal is the key. Fear can mess up an ordinary matter and can keep you from thinking. That’s also the reason make you lose the game. So, no matter how panicked you are, you need to remember these two rules: where you see the evil doctor Crow, avoid him immediately, make everything as quiet as possible, and stay calm as possible in puzzle situations.

Graphics and sound

Scary Mansion has been very successful in building a gloomy atmosphere, filled with the feeling of being stalked, chased, and threatened with life at any time. The pounding footsteps, the gasps, the screams of the evil doctor Crow, even the voice of a stranger guiding you through the streets will sometimes startle you. It must also be mentioned that the background music is very engaging. Just hearing it is enough to conjure up terrible scenarios in my head. Sound can be considered as the soul of Scary Mansion. The feeling of suppressed fear all came from here.

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The scene in Scary Mansion is quite simple. Although gloomy, dark, with ghostly and threatening colors, but not too many nooks and crannies like many other puppet horror games. I also have not experienced the whole game, only going to the first few levels, I feel that way. It’s possible to level up, things will be different, but the scope of a “mansion” probably can’t be too large. Perhaps, later on, the difficulty and ingenuity of the puzzles will be more, the objects are more difficult to find and hidden more carefully.

MOD APK version of Scary Mansion

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

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Scary Mansion is an impressive horror game. Fans of the horror game in the style of the serial killer should play this game, it won’t let you down.

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