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Sand Balls APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins) v2.3.17

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NameSand Balls
Package Namecom.water.balls
PublisherSayGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
RequiresAndroid 4.4

SayGames is a famous mobile game company with cute casual games like The Cook, Drifty Race, Staff… and now they have just released a fun and relaxing game, Sand Balls MOD APK. 

Introduce about Sand Balls

Draw the lines for the ball to roll on the sand, you can play all day without getting bored!

Casual game, good idea, easy to play, very attractive but hard to make 

Every time a friend asks me: what genre of games do you find the hardest to make? I answered without hesitation that it is a casual game. 

The requirements of a casual puzzle game must be a little challenging but not much, not to force the players to think too much, and also do not make them confused because they cannot pass a level. 

It has to be fun, exciting, eye-catching, no need to learn any skills, and easy to play. 

Finally, it must be suitable for all ages, genders, interests. 

That popularity is not all games can do well. Let’s take this Sand Balls game as an example.

How to play Sand Balls? 

Sand Balls is a casual game on mobile. It has no story or context at all, you can easily understand what the mission is. You only do one thing, “Draw the lines for the ball to run”. 

Exactly literally word for word. You will use your hands to tap the screen to create ways that lead colorful balls to dive through different sand and obstacles areas and finally fall into the waiting truck. On the way, avoid colliding with obstacles because the balls will be stuck and reduce the required number if they collide with obstacles. If the number of balls left when falling into the car is less than a certain limit, you will lose the game. Conversely, whenever the screen shows the word Perfect, the ball is filled with the car, you can immediately collect that car and put it in your car collection. 

The interest of playing with fingers to draw lines for the ball here is you not only draw a straight line, but when you play for a long time you will automatically understand how these balls work, and use one finger to draw a line and then use other fingers to continue to draw another line to rescue the trapped balls on the other side of the screen. Or you can draw a wavy line to help the ball pass through obstacles without problems. The subtlety of identifying the path of the ball, foreseeing the situations the ball may fall, and skillfully drawing different zigzags with your fingers continuously will bring you excitement when playing. It is the kind of excitement that comes slowly, gently, relaxing, not rushed, racing, or pressured at all. 

Draw lines for the ball, collect diamonds for what? 

Every time you pass a level you will get diamonds. There are sometimes unexpected keys on the road, which will help us open the secret gift box. And in the gift box were a lot of diamonds. 

In addition, diamonds can be got from the side levels in the game, these levels have the same gameplay but much less duration and faster speed than the main levels in the game. 

When you have enough diamonds you can change the type of ball you are playing, increasing your rank. And most importantly: use diamonds to build a city on the sand next to a dream beach. You can open a series of restaurants and amusement parks to serve beachgoers and from there collect more diamonds. Then continue to expand its services. 

The game combines drawing the lines of the ball through the sand with building a city on the sea. The latter is the impetus for the former. You’ll find tons of fun in this creative combo. 

Graphics and sound 

Sand Balls uses 3D graphics but actually, I think 2D is enough. Anyway, 3D effects still create more inspiration for the game. The motion is very smooth and logical. Colorful balls are eye-catching. Scenes and obstacles are also diverse, changing constantly from one level to another. 

And this entertaining game also adds some cute sound effects to create a connection with users: the sound of the ball rolling in the sand, the sound of the ball exploding when it hits the spikes, the sound of a truck running when there are enough balls, the sound of sparkling diamonds sounds when you are summarizing points…

MOD APK version of Sand Balls

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Sand Balls MOD APK for Android

Have you never believed that you can play for hours without getting bored with a simple puzzle game? If you don’t believe it, try Sand Balls. The gentle instructions, patient ingenuity required from the player step by step will make you play all day forgetting the time. 

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