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Restaurant or farm management games is never outdated because the entertainment of these games is not small, suitable for all ages. And today’s game we want to introduce to you is a chef’s topic game called Samurai Chef.


Summary about Samurai Chef APK

NameSamurai Chef
Latest Version1.0.1
Size96 MB
MOD FeaturesNo
PlatformsAndroid 4.0
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The game is fun to play after hours of intense work. With exciting gameplay and beautiful 3D graphics, the publisher Playgendary will not disappoint you. Join the game you can immediately feel the warm, bustling atmosphere of a Japanese Sushi restaurant. This game is really not a bad choice at all.

Become a chef

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Entering Samurai Chef, you will emerge as the master and master chef of a long-standing Sushi restaurant. However, this restaurant is not a standard Sushi restaurant. Here, the boss created a series of attractive dishes with sword Samurai passed down many generations. Even the waiters are the Samurai and the Ninja, creating a unique restaurant. Have you ever wondered how a Samurai chef would look like? Samurai Chef will give you the answer.

You will like

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The gameplay of Samurai Chef is very simple. When I play, I think immediately to the legendary game – Fruit Ninja. However, this is certainly a much better version of the upgrade. Customers come to your restaurant, they will give the dish. Immediately, your right arm will release the ingredients in front of you. Use the fingers to control the Samurai sword to slash all fruits, vegetables, meat, fish … until they turn into a complete dish. Note, some frozen foods require you to cut more times to use them.

If you let the ingredients fall to the ground before you slice them into the dish, you will have to do it again, just in time. Not only that, if you let customers wait a long time, they will leave, and the popularity of the restaurant will decrease. More specifically, after a period of work, your staff will be drowsy and motionless, slap them in the face so they can continue their work.

Complete all challenges in each level of the game. To some degree, you have to confront talented chefs. Use your sword skills to defeat all opponents, proving the level of your restaurant


Samurai Chef 2

Besides, the Samurai Chef has 11 weapons to turn them into excellent cooking tools. This restaurant simulation game has 4 funny modes for you to conquer. Good customer satisfaction brings a lot of money to help you buy equipment as well as new decorations. Unlock the famous dishes of the land of the rising sun. Make a record of the score and win your friends on the Samurai Chef.

Beautiful graphics

Samurai Chef has beautiful 3D graphics. Making characters extremely funny, bringing endless entertainment for players. You will feel like sitting in a chic restaurant, amidst the buzzing sound, the air of the food, not just a mobile game.

My thought

In short, Samurai Chef is an enjoyable game. The slashes from Fruit Ninja now are shown on a completely new graphical background and gameplay style. Believe me, you certainly will not have to regret downloading Samurai Chef on your machine.

Download Samurai Chef for Android (APK)

  • Samurai Chef for Android APK - v1.0.1

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