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NameSamsara Room
PublisherRusty Lake
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RequiresAndroid 5.0

Samsara Room APK, a puzzle adventure game containing many fascinating elements. You will not want to miss the journey to discover the mysterious stories brought to you by Rusty Lake, the developer of the Cube Escape series.

Introduce about Samsara Room APK

It’s been a long time since I found a game with a high rating like Samsara Room. Despite being said to be a variant of the Escape Room series, Rusty Lake has proven that the products they bring have a new and exciting experience. Below, we will find out if this game is interesting when it received a 4.9/5 rating.


The Samsara Room is set in a strange room, where the game’s character is trapped and cannot find the exit. He noticed many strange things. The atmosphere enveloped throughout the game is an incredible silence. Until the black shadow inside the mirror appeared, he began to ask the question, is it him? Nobody knows what the real answer is. Now the character has to escape from this room. But how does he do it when there are only a few objects around including phones, pendulum clocks and cupboards?


Samsara Room has simple control, in which the player uses buttons to move the scene, to another area of the room. Along with that, you use touch and drag gestures to interact with objects. Do you find this familiar? Yes, this controller is quite similar to The Girl in the Window that I have introduced recently.

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Basically, the gameplay also has similarities. You move back and forth between areas, looking for items to cater to something. I saw the paper letter on the table, near the phone. When I picked up the phone, lots of words appeared and I guess, I needed to arrange them to send a message. However, that seems hopeless, maybe the game wants me to perform actions in a certain order.

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Not long after, I found a knife right in the drawer. It helped me to open the letter containing the message. The call was made, while I could tear the whole picture inside the window to find a new room. However, in order to unlock the door leading to another dimension, the game forces us to find all five items that are hidden in the room. If you find one, you will be taken to another dimension. The setting is still the same as the old room, but the objects and their state has been changed.

Containing horror elements

Yes, I have been startled many times by the horror scenes in Samsara Room. At one time, I tried searching for a candle to fill the gaps at the window. I noticed something hidden behind the pendulum clock cabinet, I tried to get everything out and I found an arm. I tried putting the items in the inventory into that arm, and finally, it took the knife and returned a human heart. What’s that mean? I don’t really know, but one thing I know is, that arm still appears in the future and is constantly changing in shape, skin color.

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Besides, the shadow on the window also changed similarly. His head was replaced by the head of a fish with sharp teeth. Other times, I saw the silhouette of a demon, with two glowing eyes and wings growing behind it. He stood in the mirror and stared at me.


The graphics in the Samsara Room are quite bright, set in 2D graphics but that can’t hide the strange and a bit scary feeling in the room. The sound is also quite well designed, the background music throughout the game is quite gentle and relaxing. But sometimes, it also presents a rush, creating drama on the journey to find a way out.

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Can you help the character escape this strange room? Who is the black shadow in the mirror? Samsara Room APK, a new experience of the puzzle adventure game is still there, waiting for you to find the solutions.

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