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NameRush Rally Origins
PublisherBrownmonster Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
PriceFREE $4.99
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Are you sick of racing games with many theories or missions? You want to enjoy a pure racing game with no contests, no lengthy instructions, and get in right away? Play Rush Rally Origins APK to experience the purest racing feeling.

Introduce about Rush Rally Origins

The most original and pure racing game of all time

The beauty of simplicity and sophistication

Rush Rally Origins is a racing game released by the publisher Brownmonster Limited. This game is described by a word “pure”. No metagames, no confusing menus, complicated maps, no car purchases, messy upgrades, no bonuses, no diamonds. All you need to do is race against time and with other great racers.

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Race over the external conditions

Rush Rally Origins is a racing mix with top-down 3D graphics and extreme physics simulation. You will have a total of thirty-six levels, with races around the world. Along with simulations of various times a day and the extreme weather conditions of the rounds, you will drive your powerful racing car through difficult roads, overtake your opponents and reach the finish line in time.

Rush Rally Origins will let you drive on many different surfaces: dirt roads, gravel roads, muddy roads, asphalt roads, highways, roads covered with white snow or in the rain. Feel the wheel’s grip change on different surfaces. The experience of dragging wheels, sledding, hard to steer, gliding like arrows … are all available in this incredibly special top-down racing game.

Concentration is the core of the game

There is one more compliment to the production team about perspective. Only a few racing games choose such a unique perspective to show. For the most part, to show the beauty of the cars and the fantastical scenery on both sides, the racing games I’ve played before always choose the first-person perspective (from behind the wheel) or the third-person perspective, but from the back, left or right or even top down. Often these camera angles will be optionally combined by the player in each situation to observe, enjoy or focus on the control. But in Rush Rally Origins, you only have one option, top-down.

This perspective not only helps you see all the zigzag and complexities of the track, the beautiful and natural scenery in the game, but it also helps your mind get rid of all the odds to really focus on the race. There is no need to show off the flashy beauty of many cars, so the focus is once again heightened. You only have to race against time and with other racing cars, no longer having to think much about upgrading this and that.

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The entire control system in Rush Rally Origins is also optimally designed and extremely simple. Below is the left and right button to move the car, the right is Acceleration, Win. Above is time and velocity. The buttons are also minimized to be compact but also easy to see. This whole operation, even a novice, can get used to it in an instant and start entering the race.

Three game clear modes

The game has three game modes: Trials with Time, Champion and Races. Trials with Time are solo races within a strict time limit. If you reach the finish line within that time, you will win. Champion will bring you many races in many different countries. Finally, Races are the most thrilling racing screens with each game being six cars racing on a stage to compete each other.

Racing secrets in Rush Rally Origins

Paying attention to the grip of surfaces is the first key to victory. With smooth surfaces, you are forced to constantly combine driving at normal speed and braking to safely navigate difficult turns. On surfaces with better adhesion, it is necessary to actively accelerate to reach the finish line as soon as possible.

Observing closely, grasping situations, watching out in advance the turns, the left and right corners will help you be more proactive when combining controls and overcoming tricky situations. The journey of racing in Rush Rally Origins will not have a single moment of rest. Prepare yourself mentally before going into battle.

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With the game mode racing against time, the personal secret I want to remind you is to practice the steering and cornering maneuvers as proficiently as possible. Good steering will help you save a lot of time and reach the destination faster. In all three game modes, most of the brothers I know like this Race against time mode. The pressure is extremely great, and it must be said that the time is too tight. But that’s why it’s so exciting.

Download Rush Rally Origins APK free for Android

Pure racing with strange views from above. The graphics are so beautiful, well-organized, the natural 3D space does not feel forced, the physics simulation is also very logical and pleasant. Playing Rally racing, you must try Rush Rally Origins at least once.

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