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Rush Rally 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.104

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NameRush Rally 3
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
PriceFREE $4.99
RequiresAndroid 5.0

When you are tired of the asphalt, Rush Rally 3 MOD APK will take you to the forest and leave you with the equipment you have. But unlike the scary scenes in the sensational horror movies, this game will challenge your ability to grip the road, fly through the mud to bring you a feeling of excitement.

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Introduce about Rush Rally 3


Rush Rally 3 will test your driving ability on forest trails. And if you’ve ever been to the forest, you probably understand that the terrain is quite rugged, with potholes and large logs lying in the middle of the road. The developer Brownmonster has recreated those scenes honestly and turned it into a race that you and other players must go through to win the glory of the winner!

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Can be noticed that difficulties are ahead. But do not worry, because you are not alone in this game. You also have a companion. He observes from above to watch you and will scream to alert you of an upcoming danger. It could be a hump road, a log, or any other obstacle. So, remember to swallow every word of your coach if you don’t want to lose this race. There are mistakes that you cannot fix. This is the ideal game for anyone who is tired of racing on the asphalt.


In the first race, the system displays two options that allow you to choose the control method by tilting the device or using the button on the screen. I personally prefer buttons, because it’s quite convenient and I can experience this game even in my bed.

On the other hand, you can customize the controls in the settings to increase/decrease the sensitivity, enable/disable the Auto Throttle and Manual Gearbox. If that doesn’t satisfy you, reset the default options like Camera, Brake Assist, Steer Assist and Racing Line. They greatly affect the ability to move and control the vehicle, so set up to bring the most comfortable.

The game does not lose its competitiveness

Every race in Rush Rally 3 has no silhouette of the second driver, but that does not mean that you will compete with yourself.

The opponents are still moving on their devices and they will leave the achievement on the leaderboards after each round. You too, your record will also be recorded for comparison. If you’re one of the leaders (depending on the nature of each qualifier/event, there are different requirements), you can continue to play. If not, you must replay again until the minimum conditions are met.

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Although I don’t know the reason that Brownmonster designed a single racing style like this, it is quite interesting, right? It could be because the track is quite narrow or they also wants to reduce the pressure on the player.


Career is one of the many options that you can experience. It includes major tournaments held around the world. In addition, there are Multiplayer, Single Stage, Single Rally, Rally Cross, Life Events and my favorite is Skill Games.

True to its name – Skill Games, you will have to use all your driving ability to finish on a long and narrow road. Acceleration throttle disappears, while opposite vehicles constantly appear.

Life Events is also very exciting. It is updated weekly with the participation of thousands of players because the reward is extremely valuable.

About the garage

Rush Rally 3 has a garage that any racing enthusiast looks at must admire. Would you like to try the opportunity to sit on the Gulf Hatchback SR4 with a capacity of 362 BHP? What about the Evolved Saloon RX capable of reaching 125 km/h speed in 4.5 seconds?

You do not have to wonder, because they are not available anyway. Try to earn money to buy them inside the store. If a little more abundant, do not hesitate to upgrade the engine or replace a set of tires with higher friction to reduce slippery when it rains!

Realistic graphics

As I introduced above, Rush Rally 3 has amazing graphics with 60 FPS frame rates. They work smoothly on most mobile devices because of their ability to automatically adjust the quality.

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Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also deserves a 5/5 star rating for the experience. Physical movement combined with environmental conditions in this game will give you the feeling of driving a real car on the track. Moving in dry conditions is completely different from rain or snow. You will encounter slippery problems, making the car easily thrown off the track or crash into a tree by brakes seemingly inactive.

MOD APK version of Rush Rally 3

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You don’t have enough money to buy a car? Want to upgrade your car but the cost is too high? Do not worry. Let the MOD version of APKMODY solve all your financial problems.

Download Rush Rally 3 MOD APK for Android

Let the bravery of a champion inside you rise with Rush Rally 3. The journey to conquer the deep paths in the green forest is still ahead, download this game and get started now!

Rush Rally 3 costs $ 4.99 when you buy it at Google Play. However, you can download it for free via the links below the article.

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