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NameRTS Siege Up!
Package Namecom.abuksigun.rpg_prototype
MOD FeaturesCheat, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 4.4

RTS Siege Up! MOD APK is a mobile strategy game set in medieval times. In this game, the work for you is building, construction management, territory defense, kingdom development, the practice of all the most necessary skills of a kingdom leader. Yes, you have too much work to do in this cool colorful game.

Introduce about RTS Siege Up!

Real-time strategy game with a medieval setting, busy but also quite relaxing


RTS Siege Up! is a game where you can show your real-time strategy talent. As the head of a medieval kingdom, you must exert your skills in all aspects to bring a sustainable future to the kingdom.

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You will gather resources, build small and large works, plan land areas to form reasonable functional clusters, build armies to protect the kingdom and all the properties out of sight of foreign enemies. While building and fighting, you must have economic strategies and rational resource consumption. All responsibilities of a top manager in the kingdom are all in this game.

In the medieval context, the stages of development of mankind are clearly demonstrated: technology, weapons, combat strategies, construction techniques, the art of military use… There is no STOP for development in RTS Siege Up!. With ingenuity, careful calculation, and smart planning, you will be able to take your kingdom across many territories and become the most powerful nation of its time.

Tactics in each game stage

The strategy manifests itself in every stage of the kingdom’s development. In the early stages when everything is still unspoiled, you have to collect as many things as possible to build a small town. Find a way to develop it, both in the economy and human power, and expand it gradually in all directions. After having the necessary labor force, the resources in the land will be exploited more thoroughly: wood, stone, food, etc. In the beginning, you must focus on exploitation. You need to take advantage of the people to exploit as much as possible. Consider the following: what the ratio of the mines is, how much is needed for long-term construction, how many people to send to mine, how many people to build and do other economic roles.

In the next stage when everything is in order, you have to consider the Army. As the land gradually expands and the town has multiplied in both people and buildings, your kingdom will inevitably be watched by other empires. The army will be the “insurance card” for the sustainable safety of the whole kingdom. Infantry, cavalry, sword weapons, means of transporting horses, wagons… and several other combat units will have to be present in turn. These troops will expand your tactical capabilities in the future to run the country.

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The game has no endpoint and no win-lose. The kingdom continues to expand, the challenge continues to increase over time. Depending on the orientation of each player, you can choose your own way to go up. 

Some people do not like to fight but only focus on construction, then they just need a moderate army, the rest of the resources are devoted to the towns and the general economy. On the contrary, if you choose to fight and invade other lands, you must put a lot of effort into the troops and soldiers. You go to conquer many neighboring mines to get resources, then expand your territory, build many new buildings with those resources, and build a series of defense machines and warships to break the neighboring kingdoms. Depending on your tactics, how to apply the details will be different.

You have to do a lot of work to achieve various goals in RTS Siege Up!. But fortunately, the game has random bots. Have a specific orientation, arrange the initial work, and the rest of the system will automatically follow those instructions, you do not need to go back to review the work or solve arising problems. Your job is to focus on moving forward.

A highly varied real-time strategy game

The diversity of jobs and buildings is a great value of RTS Siege Up!. The first beauty of this diversity is that you can do many things at the same time. For example, you can build a stronghold while fighting, you can both protect your kingdom and expand your territory, you can control your troops and build more structures in the country… You will find yourself busy all the time, but it’s busyness worth enjoying. The longer the game goes on, the higher the level of attraction.

Many constructions are constantly springing up according to the needs of each moment: palaces, citadels, people’s houses, towns, ports, army camps, weapons production areas, technology research places… the kingdom in your hand works like the real thing, not just a surface without depth. This flexibility and realism make RTS Siege Up! players tend to stick around it for a long time.

The workforce is also another evidence of the richness of RTS Siege Up. You have people to cut wood, mine, and work in construction sites, you can allocate another group to fish for food, another group to specialize in producing weapons, warships, machines needed for wars… Each job in RTS Siege Up requires different groups of workers. Mastering the function and coordinating the right people to keep things moving will be at the core of this real-time strategy game.

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Whether in defense battles or invading nearby important mines, diversity is always a strength of RTS Siege Up. Build defenses/strongholds, invent smaller-scale defenses such as catapults, create a variety of weapons to attack key lands… The army in RTS Siege Up! is also as diverse as the construction. You will need to go through the process of researching new troop units, organizing the army in terms of quantity and quality, and directing troops to battle when necessary. In each encounter, you can learn a multitude of important military principles. It can be said that RTS Siege Up! is an ocean of skills that any tactical player wants to conquer.

Friendly graphics

RTS Siege Up! uses close and vivid images with simple colors, neat square blocks, and gentle pastel tones. Even if the fierce battle takes place in the center of the kingdom, it is not complicated to see. It’s rare to find a strategy game that has a lot of work to do and defensive battle but is still so neat like this.

The game also supports users to play without the Internet. The viewing angle from above provides a wide, open view so you can easily cover everything without having to move on the screen too much.

MOD APK version of RTS Siege Up!

MOD features

  • Cheat
  • No Ads

How to active Cheat Panel?

Touch the “~” icon on the screen to open the Cheat Panel.

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Download RTS Siege Up! APK & MOD for Android

RTS Siege Up! is a strategy game with high diversity in all aspects in the process of building, developing, and defending the territory. Believe me, you are free to unleash your strategic talents here and you will have so many unforgettable moments with it! 

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