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RPG Toram Online MOD APK 3.4.1 (God Mode, Max Attack Speed)

NameRPG Toram Online
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RequiresAndroid 4.1
Version3.4.1 (build 376)
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, Max Attack Speed

RPG Toram Online (God Mode / Max Attack Speed) – Publisher Asobimo has had many famous role-playing games like Avabel, Izanagi, Aurcus, … This year, they came back with a very good game worth waiting for with the name RPG Toram Online. This can be considered a clone version of Sword Art Online with the next context of predecessor Iruna. If you love the vast open-world role-playing games, where you are adventurous in myths and discover the mysteries of great warriors, this is the game you can’t miss.

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RPG Toram Online writes the unfinished story of Iruna Online. Decades ago, a disaster happened to the world. A meteorite broke the world into pieces. The gods attempt to restore the world by collecting fragments and putting them together. The results are not as expected. A strange new world was created. The world they once knew was divided into four different lands, governed by four tribes with different principles and rules. You are an adventurous adventurer, meet the warriors of the 4 kingdoms and learn the mysteries behind it.


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The first impression when you open Toram Online is the image. Crisp and extremely vivid 3D graphics are not inferior to other RPGs on PC. With Anime style, players will be immersed in a beautiful world like a fairy tale. The large world with lots of beautiful scenes, large-scale works with medieval European architectural style. All of these factors will help you play for hours without feeling tired.

The characters are described in detail. Evidence is that the game allows you to customize many details of the character such as hair, face, eyes, clothes, … Besides, the weight and height of the character can also change according to the player.

In addition, the game allows you to customize HUD on the phone screen. Camera angles can also be changed by swiping the screen or using the camera icon in the corner of the screen.

Join the most exciting adventure!

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When playing RPG Toram Online, you are free to explore extremely interesting stories about characters and kingdoms before and after the disaster takes place. To help players discover this world in the best way, Asobimo has brought hundreds of tasks from easy to difficult. The mission system includes activities commonly seen in MMORPG games such as meeting characters, chatting, collecting equipment, killing monsters, fighting Boss, …

The selection of characters does not have much impact on the process of finding out your story. Each character has a unique beginning in their kingdom, after which you can begin the journey to discover the kingdom’s mystery and find a way to connect the four kingdoms into a united kingdom. Characters are boosted by upgrading stats including Str, Dex, Vit, Agi, and Int. Depending on the purpose and class of the character the player prioritizes to upgrade the index first. For example, if you use a fighter, you need to prioritize the first Str upgrade.


Above are some of the main features of RPG Toram Online. Besides, the game has many other interesting features of an online role-playing game such as dungeon, clans, Lobby, Trading, … Overall, in the same role-playing genre, this game easily defeats other opponents thanks to the superior quality of graphics and gameplay. Now is the time to download the best role-playing game on mobile and enjoy it for free.

Download RPG Toram Online MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

RPG Toram Online APK v3.3.19
RPG Toram Online APK (MOD) v3.2.75

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