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NameRPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom
Package Namekemco.rideonjapan.sandkingdom
MOD FeaturesFull Game Unlocked
PriceFREE $7.99
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Download RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom MOD APK (Unlocked Full Game) and install it on your Android device. Accompany with Volker in an adventure in the sandy kingdom, Muspelheim.

Introduce about RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom


RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom builds the first setting in Muspelheim, a wilderness in the desert. It is known as the kingdom of sand, because here everything is covered by sand, lacks resources and food.

The main character is Volker, a young man, the son of an experienced blacksmith. He always aspires to become a great adventurer, at the same time he also want to become a talented blacksmith like his father.

As Muspelheim prepares to face a conflict, the senior leader has ordered a talent search across the kingdom, capable of building the best weapons. Volker seized the opportunity. He embarked on a journey to search for ingredients, at the same time went on his dream adventure.

Hint: You will probably love Sky: Children of the Light, where you are adventurous in the vast sky.

Start your adventure

During your adventure, the goal that you need to achieve is to collect rare ingredients. However, to get them, you will have to face numerous dangers. Adventure into murky caves, dungeons and forests in search of them. Some rare ingredients are being possessed by monsters. You will have to fight and sometimes collaborate with other friends to achieve your goals.

RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom gameplay

Guild is where you can find teammates. Please choose the most elite warriors to team-up, fight together and overcome difficulties.

Adventure in dungeons and face off against monsters

Depending on where you are going on an adventure, there will be corresponding creatures appearing. They are very aggressive, always ready to defeat you, an intruder. However, you are old enough to understand that this world belongs to nobody. The strong get what they want.

RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom APK

And when you meet these ferocious creatures, you will enter a war. The fight takes place between two factions, on a 3×3 grid. This means that the confrontation with the most number of characters is 9vs9.

RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom offers turn-based strategy gameplay. You choose skills for your characters to perform at each turn, and the battle will go on one after another until one of the two’s squads are completely defeated. The developer also added an auto-attack feature. Just turn it on and enjoy.

However, over time, the plot gradually unfolds. The world that Volker is adventuring on will become vast. So are the dangers. He will have to face more powerful monsters, and that makes the automatic feature not really effective anymore. At that time, you will have to find ways to develop the character, while designing a more optimal combat strategy.

Become the most famous blacksmith in the world

RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom is not a Hack and Slash game or strategy. In fact, it belongs to the genre of adventure combined with role-playing and has the goal for players to aim, that is adventuring around the world and become the best blacksmith. You need to work towards these goals to help Volker fulfil his dreams.

RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom for android

So, besides fighting activities, RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom also allows you to forge and craft weapons. At the smithy, you can find a wide variety of items, attached with information about the necessary raw materials. Under the direction of the system, you will go to the corresponding area to collect them.

After successfully forging, you can sell your products for money and increase popularity. The journey is still long, and can you complete it?

Diverse character system

The character system is a notable point in RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom. Characters are divided into classes, along with a host of special skills. As you learn about this aspect, you will get an overview of the battle. Think about what this character has and where he should be positioned on the grid for his abilities to be used effectively.

MOD APK version of RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom

MOD feature

Full Game Unlocked: You can play all the features of the game.


In the first time open this game, you have to download more data to play the full version.

Download RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom MOD APK for Android

RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom does not aim at global localization. As a result, the game is only released in certain regions. This makes it impossible for some fans of KEMCO to experience the full version.

However, we are here to give you the APK file of RPG Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom. Start the download and help Volker fulfil his dream now!

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