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NameRoyal Defense King
Package Namecom.mobirix.defenseking
CategoryTower Defense
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, One Hit
RequiresAndroid 4.1

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Introducing Royal Defense King

Imagine, you are a king. The kingdom you rule is facing aggression from invaders. What you will do? Royal Defense King is a strategy game in the tower defence genre, released by mobirix. Your mission is to command the army, using the strongest warriors to protect your kingdom from enemy invasion.

If you love strategy games, especially tower defence games, you cannot ignore Royal Defense King. The game released by mobirix has reached over one million downloads on Google Play with lots of positive comments and reviews. The game gives you many types of units, many types of strategies for you to find a way to defeat the enemy.

Protect your kingdom

The Royal Kingdom is under attack by forces of darkness. They include demons, witches, monsters, zombies and many other types of demons. They want to invade the human world. If you do not stop them, your kingdom will be destroyed. As a king of the Royal Kingdom, you cannot let that happen. Summon the strongest warriors in your kingdom, go to the battlefield, and fight demons. The destiny of the kingdom is in your hands!

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Classic tower defence game

The rules of Royal Defense King are not much different from the classic tower defence games. You and the enemy protect the two towers on either side of the screen. The battle broke out in the area between the two towers, the army that destroyed the opponent’s tower will be the winner.

Your task is to summon your warriors, they will automatically fight the enemy and bring you victory. As a commander, you need to understand the strength and how your warriors attack. For example, Guard is warriors with good stamina. They move and attack quite slowly, very suitable to lead in the squad to block the attacks of enemies. Archer uses the bow with a long-range. They can attack enemies from afar but are quickly destroyed when enemies come near. Besides, Assassin has very fast speed and attack speed, high damage. But Assassin also doesn’t have good stamina.

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The most important thing to keep in mind when playing Royal Defense King is that you must pay attention to your energy. To summon a warrior, you need two things, energy and cooldown. Avoid waiting too long to summon a warrior. Instead, you can choose a few warriors who required less energy at the beginning. Just a few seconds, the enemy can reach your tower. At that time, one warrior was not enough to stop an army. You can consider upgrading your maximum energy by selecting the Recharge icon in the left corner of the screen.

Summon the warriors

Although Royal Defense King is a strategy game, in general, you still need warriors strong enough to resist the attacks of enemies. You can only choose 6 types of warriors in a match. The game displays the enemies you can meet in the match, so you can choose the right warriors, strong enough to fight monsters and demons.

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Normally, your warriors will “evolve” in levels 10, 20, 30. Some warriors buy by diamond can have a special skill right from level 1. For example, Elven Thief can stun the enemy for a second when he attacks. Poison-skilled warriors can deal additional damage in seconds.


Besides the warriors, you can also unlock your special skills. You have two special skills to use in the match such as Tornado summoning, freezing enemies, summoning fireballs, … Special skills can also be unlocked and upgraded like how you upgrade the warriors. They have a fairly long cooldown (about 30 seconds), so you should use these skills at the right time. Special skills can completely help you reverse the situation at times you think there is no hope.


Royal Defense King has classic 2D graphics. It’s not too beautiful and detailed, but it has some unique that reminds you of it. Simple and funny graphics make the game less violent. In addition, it makes the game lighter (size only 25M), easily runs on many devices, including medium and low-end devices. You will have the opportunity to explore many different maps such as deserts, snowy mountains, caves, …

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Features of Royal Defense King MOD version

At high levels, enemies are hard to defeat. They are equipped with a cannon that can repel your army. If you feel some levels are too hard to pass, use our Royal Defense King (MOD God Mode/One Hit). Your warrior can quickly destroy all enemies, making it easy for you to defeat demons and win. However, I think you should play the original version to experience this game better.


In general, if you love strategy games, especially tower defence games, Royal Defense King is a game you cannot miss. Hundreds of levels are enough to challenge any player. Now, are you ready to fight and defend your kingdom?

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