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Roller Splat! APK v2.0.0 (MOD No Ads) for Android

Roller Splat! (MOD No Ads) – Referring to games with creative gameplay, many players will think of Voodoo right away. In fact, this game publisher is so famous for its simple but unique game. Especially infinite creativity with colorful balls. Can be mentioned as, Tigerball or Helix Jump, … Indeed, Voodoo’s games at launch always receive the welcome of players. That once again confirms Voodoo’s size and tremendous influence in the mobile gaming world.


Summary about Roller Splat! MOD APK

NameRoller Splat!
Genre, ,
Latest Version2.0.0
MOD FeaturesNo Ads
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
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This time, Voodoo released a new game. It is Roller Splat!. Still the style of a simple, easy to play but extremely addictive game. You won’t be able to take your eyes off your phone for a minute.

Simple gameplay

In Roller Splat !, players will have to control colorful paint balls to cover the paint on the roads in the maze. These balls will move along the roads and stop when touching the wall. You just need to surf up, down, left and right to bring the ball rolling all the corners of the maze and color the white roads. Perfect lovers will definitely love Roller Splat!. What’s more interesting when seeing the roads covered with brilliant and shiny paint colors.

More than 100 levels

How to play of Roller Splat! very simple. You just need to fill the maze with the paint color of the ball. Even a position that can be painted 2 to 3 times does not affect the outcome of the game. However, the main goal of the player is not complete the level. The challenge will be much greater when the goal is the highest rank in the rankings. To do that, you need to find the quickest and least repetitive ball rolling paths. As you know, there are countless smart people around the world. So, the top ranking is extremely attractive competition.

To complete the level in the shortest time is a difficult challenge. The levels constantly change with many types of large and troublesome mazes. Up to 100 levels play for you to try. This requires you to be quick and alert to find the shortest path and adapt to a variety of challenges soon. There are several levels of repeated gameplay in the game. It is not boring, it let you find more ways to pass faster and improve your skills.

Play with friends

Not only competitive with many people around the world, but you can also play Roller Splat! with your friends. It can be played offline with high entertainment. So in the break time, you can join with your friends in creating small competitions. It is an effective relaxation time as well as increase friendliness with friends. What better way to have moments filled with laughter by your close friends?

Simple graphics

One thing that is always the highlight of Voodoo’s success is the graphics. Any of their games have bright and brilliant colors. So does Roller Splat!. You will experience a colorful game. Each game level is a different color with smooth paint balls. In addition, the fireworks effect appears every time you complete a level.


Roller Splat! can be a perfect game if without too many ads. Indeed, there are many ads that appear after each stage. It causes players to feel uncomfortable when waiting. However, this is easy to understand with an addictive game that is completely free. And you can disconnect from the Internet or use Roller Splat! (MOD No Ads) to not encounter these minor annoyances.

In summary, Roller Splat! Still a simple game to play. No music, no sound, no strong vibrations. The art is really simple but extremely entertaining. For players who love perfect, you should definitely not miss this game!

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  • Roller Splat! for Android APK - v2.0.0
  • Roller Splat! for Android APK (MOD No Ads) - v2.0.0

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