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Rogue Legend is a fun action game, but can be addictive for you. If you want to play a game with a lot of challenges, choose the original game, or you can try the Rogue Legend MOD APK version of APKMODY.

Introduce about Rogue Legend

Rogue Legend game is published by Adfox, a not-so-famous developer. It was released in early January, for both Android and iOS. Coming to the game, you will experience an extremely interesting action-adventure gameplay that can help you relieve stress.


Rogue Legend takes you to a beautiful and peaceful continent. The peace of this place is maintained by the Dafa Battle. This formation was created by an expert Great Mage. And when the mainland was threatened, adventurers had to set out to find that shaman to repair the Dafa Array. They have to face many difficulties and challenges in order to find that magician. You will accompany them in the repair of the Dafa Array. The enemies that stand in your way will be monsters infected with magic. Defeat them to find the other high-powered mage.

Action gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Rogue Legend is developed in an action-adventure style. Your task is to control the adventurers to defeat the enemies that appear on the way. The monsters were extremely powerful because they were infected with magic. To defeat them, you need to equip your character with the best possible skills and items.

This gameplay of the game is quite simple, does not require much of the player’s thinking. But you also need to know how to calculate properly by choosing equipment and combining skills. The game has a lot of levels with different difficulty levels and huge Bosses are waiting for you to conquer.

You will play the game in a vertical screen and move forward gradually. If in the middle of the road you get killed, you have to play from the beginning of that level. Be careful and focus on fighting all the time, otherwise you have to play the same level over and over again. As can be seen, this gameplay is quite similar to another famous action game that is Archero by Habby.

Skill system

The most prominent feature in Rogue Legend is the extremely diverse skill system. The game has hundreds of different skills, each skill has its own effect in the match. Not only that, but you can also combine inherent skills to create thousands of unique combos. Experiencing each stage, or each upgrade, you will learn a new skill.


The equipment system in the game is also extremely rich. Each type of equipment will have different effects for the character and depending on the case. The good combination of equipment also brings different results during play. In addition, you are also free to buy and sell equipment to enrich yourself. Wise players will know how to both earn money and become stronger thanks to the items obtained.


Rogue Legend is developed with quite simple 3D graphics in cartoon style. The design in the game is not too picky like other action games. Instead, the game attracts players thanks to its eye-catching color system. Bright colors, combined with additional lighting effects will create an extremely eye-catching visual style. Especially, the skill part of the character is very carefully and magically elaborated.

Download Rogue Legend APK for Android

As mentioned above, the gameplay of Rogue Legend is not new but not boring. Along with the gameplay of Archero, but Rogue Legend game brings a whole new experience thanks to a diverse system of skills and items. And the game’s graphics are also quite commendable, the quality is not high but sharp and eye-catching. Overall, this is really an interesting game that you should give it a try.

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