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NameRevived Witch
PublisherYostar Limited.
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RequiresAndroid 5.0

Revived Witch is a role-playing game from the publisher Yostar Limited. As the amnesia Witch, you will join in an adventure into each secret to uncover the past, where your origin and mission since birth gradually reveal themselves.

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Introduce about Revived Witch

Searching for Fragments of Memories!

I used to not like the motif of losing memories. Only Revived Witch made me break the rules.

Maybe because the story is so good

In this game, not an ordinary person, but a talented Witch has temporary amnesia. To find your past, you will have to go through many paths, encounter many different obstacles. At the end of that long and difficult journey is the lost memory, the revealed past, and a heavy responsibility waiting.

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The Revived Witch takes you through many parallel worlds. The story thus becomes much stranger and more sensational than you might think.

Or because of the deep gameplay?

Revived Witch is a complete mobile RPG Japanese anime pixel art. Everything in here does not start directly but goes from fading memory pieces to strung together into a big picture.

Starting with a chaotic space like the witch’s broken memories, Revived Witch has built a script with many intricate details. When I first started playing, I was afraid that I would end up like strange dramas. But the Revived Witch did not disappoint me. The adventure, the fighting climax in every piece of memory and everywhere the little witch goes, did make me think a lot. And the end is something much bigger.

The core of Revived Witch for those of you who like the fighting element will probably be the tireless real-time battles between the main character and the dark monsters. To win the final boss, players will have to slowly improve their bravery, upgrade their skills, and the highest goal is to master the power of Order and Chaos, bring the approaching war back to the starting point, and rearrange the existing order of the world.

In each mission, you will need to collect skills in the form of cards. Then cast the move by using the corresponding energy in each battle. Energy is limited, the recovery time is sometimes quite long depending on the type, so every combo is a real investment. Put all your mind into choosing the right skill combo, so that the cooldown process is the least risky while the enemy still receives the damage it deserves. This is the time to show your ingenuity.

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In addition to the fierce fights, for the rest of the day, the witch will go around discovering many beautiful things. The lounging, immense scene from a top-down perspective allows you to freely admire and drop your soul into your character.

With interesting companions

(Also) Due to amnesia, the witch is a little absent-minded. Going on the road, every mission that appears also comes with a strange feeling, just like the player’s mood. So, the best way to find a hint is to diligently meet and chat with strangers who pass through your life. They may be part of your past, friend, or foe, but at least talking to them will give you some useful information.

Each companion will have a different ability and personality. Their life stories, backgrounds, and goals are also different. The process of learning, discovering, and taking advantage of your friends’ talents is also a very good tip in this game. You will not play for the main character but also even be able to turn the situation around thanks to the supporting characters. A clever way to refresh the modern RPG genre, right?

You can team up with your friends to play this game. Each match, a team will have a maximum of 3 people participating in PvP battles. And when playing single, you can summon the hero, which is the companion I just mentioned above to join the team.

Graphics and sound

Revived Witch with a standard anime style will still not be perfect without the 3D context combined with Live2D motion. The characters are of course pretty and cute, even the monsters aren’t obnoxious at all. Movement is smooth and reasonable. The physical simulation of the characters when fighting is also good, most noticeable in the situations of being hit, stunned, and so on.

Moreover, the context in Revived Witch has the weather element. The battles and adventures are therefore more dramatic and real. The alternating light and darkness create many strange impressions in the player. The context is also renewed when the little witch crosses different paths to reach the magical forest, the ice world, the lava cave… To me, this mix is ​​quite strange, I give it 9/10 points for experience.

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The sound is also a point worth mentioning. It is not too complicated, but clear and vivid. Each scene and each mission have background music with different soundtracks. And the sound effects that go along with the fighting process are also very reasonable. Harmonious scenes and good music make the battles become more exciting than ever.

Download Revived Witch APK for Android

It is an excellent RPG with such cute and gentle images, fanciful scenery. Its plot will make you passionate to find the answer. The gameplay is equally profound with many additions to the RPG element. Well, please enjoy, only then can you feel the great Revived Witch. 

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