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Returners APK - Card collecting RPG for Andorid/iOS

Summary about Returners APK

Latest Version1.1.810
MOD Features: No
PlatformsAndroid 4.4, iOS 9.0
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At this time, Korean game developers are very hard-working at launching new game titles. The most typical are online role-playing games with blockbuster graphics – their forte. The strengths that can easily be seen in Korean RPGs are the depth of oriental culture, the sharp 3D graphics design and the variety of activities that players can do in the game.

Nexon, if I do not mistake, the developer has just released two hot products that are Overhit and Novar Wars, but the Returners continue to be tested and released just after some days. The role-playing mix of strategy in the Returners will certainly do quite a lot.


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Returners bring players back to the medieval, where the battle occurs constantly, everywhere hunger, people miserable. In order to reunite the nation, the greatest heroes in history once again come back, allied together and entered the battle against the Nightmare King, re-establishing peace again. Countless heroes have fallen, and Nightmare King is still raging around the world, causing more suffering for humans. Transforming into a character, you appear in the fight for righteousness, will you change the face or not?


Not just a role-playing game, the Returners are a combination of tactics. You will not only have to control a character, but the number is 5 in the same team. Controlling a character has been a problem, but controlling the five characters at the same time? Regarding this 5-man squad, Returners are a bit like League of Legends. Each character has different skills, requiring you to control a rational and exact match. You will not be able to let the characters auto-play, this game requires you to constantly work to control your characters during each battle, which is what makes the Returners different.

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The battles in the game take place in the form of 5vs5, in which you will have to destroy the entire character of the enemy and completely destroy the base of them. The characters will automatically attack the target when you specify it, but that does not mean you will have hands free, as said before, you will have to control the tactics and develop the skills of each character. You can change your tactics every 5 seconds through the control buttons in the right corner of the screen. Of course, when you finish the game with a victory, you will earn rewards and experience points.

Characters in the game

Character systems in Returners are based on Korean mythological characters and other areas of the world, such as Robin Hood, Aladdin, Mozart, Hercules, Theseus and many other characters. These characters can be unlocked when you collect character cards. Of course, these characters can be upgraded to increase the power.

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In addition to upgrading your character, you will also have to equip the character with the weapons and armor. Each character can be equipped with up to five items, upgrading the skill. ..

Join the League

Like other game titles, Returners also has a ranking hierarchy. Once you have become strong and skilled in controlling your skills, join the tournament and pass all the other players to become the strongest player. The tournament is the place to show your skills, the opportunity to prove your immortal hero in the tournament.


On the graphics, the Returners possess the bright and sharp animated style. The details in the game are designed on the basis of advanced 3D. The skill effects of the character will make it look brand new. I like the graphics of this game, it looks like League of Legends mobile version.


In general, Returners are quite good quality, besides the beautiful graphics and new gameplay, the fierce 5vs5 games are waiting for you to join. The game now supports both iOS and Android, and you can download the game via the link below. If you use iOS, you can install from the App Store, while using Android, you will have two choices are install from Google Play or install from the APK file.

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  • Returners for Android APK - v1.1.810

Notes: Please select a link to download Returners for free. You can choose the MOD (if available) version or the original APK. Please read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.

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