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REAL RACING NEXT APK is a racing masterpiece from ELECTRONIC ARTS. This is truly the “promised land” for any outstanding racing driver. A catchy name from a well-known publisher, well worth playing it out, isn’t it?

Introduce about REAL RACING NEXT

Real Cars. Real Tracks. Real Racing.

Many new things compared to other racing games

In REAL RACING NEXT, you can choose any car from the list of available cars and immediately drive it right on one of the game’s four tracks. These four tracks continuously change randomly during play. That is, for example, if you are playing stage 1 with track number 1, then by level 2, you will find yourself on track number 3. Of course, this is not beyond the purpose of bringing endless excitement to players. It is also a way for players to feel more and more connected to the game because there are no specific boundaries between the types of tracks. No matter how much you play, you can experience it in different ways.


In addition, two new features in REAL RACING NEXT are angle alignment, lap time check. These two abilities will help you be quite active on the racetrack.

Each track also has many different races going on at the same time, each race can follow its modes such as sprint racing, cup racing, or racing with other players. You can freely choose the game modes that suit your mood and forte. You can enjoy all the beauty and experience the incredible difficulty of this racing game in any mode.

The game is hard to play because it’s too real, but thanks to that, it’s so exciting

The physical mechanism in REAL RACING NEXT is simulated very precisely. It can be the most impressive compared to mobile racing games at this time. The race car is like real life, very “sensitive” to changes in the surface of the track. Just a small streak of ice can make you drag, or a sharp corner will make you stagger for a while to regain your balance on the steering wheel. It is this precise physical ability that makes the game difficult to handle, causing many players to be wary of playing.

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In return, the graphics in this racing game are very beautiful. Realism also plays a role in the design of details on the track. Everything is in a reasonable size ratio, reasonable color. The way the car is on the road can help you relieve some of the sadness because of the hard of the game.


Play this game, in the process of racing, you will accumulate money and in turn unlock new cars. In addition, there is a new title system, giving you more motivation to participate in new races, winning will open many new types of prestigious trophies and more bonuses.

In particular, REAL RACING NEXT has omitted the cumbersome energy system and vehicle maintenance, inherent in some previous racing games. So you guys can confidently drive the car comfortably, without any damage.

REAL RACING NEXT has an epic car collection from the very beginning, featuring famous racing cars from top manufacturers such as McLaren, Porsche, Chevrolet, and Ford. When playing, you can completely choose to add different customizations to suit your preferences. And of course, many bonuses will allow you to upgrade new cars to run more and experience many different strengths of each new model.

A race track with all-terrain and extreme weather conditions

In this game, you will speed racing through exciting tracks such as Circuit of the Americas, Hockenheim, Lime Rock, and a variety of other difficult settings. Not to mention the weather also throws you up and down on the road rain, sun, wind, ice, and snow. But there is no shortage of impressive beautiful scenes when the afternoon sun falls or the dawn is full of wind. When you playing, with the difficulty from the over-realistic physics simulation, every strong wind can also cause you to panic while running on the road, or a small ice streak will be able to deflect you from the steering wheel at any time.

REAL RACING NEXT for Android 1440x810

Racing in REAL RACING NEXT seems to be quite peaceful, but it is not peaceful at all. You will always have to be ready to react quickly because at any time the physics simulation of the game can cause your car to slip on the track.

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How to install REAL RACING NEXT

You use the app XAPKS Installer to install the APKs file of REAL RACING NEXT.

Download REAL RACING NEXT APK for Android

REAL RACING NEXT is a hard racing game, but in return, the driving experience is so exciting. If you want to play a racing game with high physics simulation, beautiful scenery, difficult race tracks, then you must play REAL RACING NEXT.

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