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Ramp Car Jumping APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.3.1

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NameRamp Car Jumping
Package Namecom.boomhits.rampcarjumping
PublisherBoomBit Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.1

Ramp Car Jumping MOD APK is a game developed by BoomBit Games. You want a game about cars but more entertaining, do not miss this product.

Introduce about Ramp Car Jumping

BoomBit Games is a well-known Studio with some games like Tanks A Lot!, Bridge Construction Simulator, Build a Bridge. Although their game is quite simple, not fussy about gameplay or graphics, it always leaves something which makes players remember. With a period of 8 years since its inception, they have published 18 games on Google Play and have a pretty good effect on players. Based on user reviews, the game is gradually improved and offers a better experience. Ramp Car Jumping is such a game that maybe you will like it.


The naming of BoomBit Games is quite simple, it is like a description of the gameplay. Ramp Car Jumping – you will drive your car through the ramps and try to make them move as far as possible. The controller is not complicated, just touch and hold the screen according to the instructions to speed up. However, they only work when you are on the bridge. Moments later have to use the rocket thruster to move further. It sounds simple, but there are many difficulties to face. For example, obstacles like another car, a tree, or a building will skew your direction of travel and you cannot reach a further distance to pass the level.

The lowest target is 4000m. If you pass, the distance to win will increase and this also means you need to control the car better, for a longer time.

Always moving forward

Yes, to move further, you need to maintain the same direction of movement as the beginning. Try to avoid obstacles, because of any impact, even small, will make you a failure. I had to start over many times at one level by small mistakes. Not only by obstacles but also by many factors can make you lose.

For example, sometimes, you touch the screen to accelerate at the wrong time, or when the car is not in an equilibrium position that causes the vehicle to be deflected. I abused the thruster at any time I had the opportunity and it was not a good idea to set new records. Can you fix this mistake of mine? Accelerate only when the vehicle hits the ground, or in the air but is in equilibrium so that it can move in a straight line, towards the destination.


There are three elements that can be upgraded, Engine, Boost and Bonus. I will explain each one, and start with the Engine. The maximum level that can be reached is 200. They give your car a better endurance and better performance. Compared to the time when not upgraded, a collision can cause the wheel to be thrown, or distort the car body. Thus, only a small mistake can make you fall into a state of not being able to move anymore.

Boost is like the capacity of a rocket fuel tank. When upgrading more, you can use the rocket for a longer period of time.

Finally, Bonuses, they bring more bonuses than what you actually achieve.

Unlock a new car

I don’t really know how many cars this game has. Developers force us to play a lot to get more cars. In the beginning, the game had only 9 cars. They put up a notice that a new car will appear and can be used after 30 minutes. I waited and it was a classic Western car. Then it was an Audi with a modern sporty style. You will also have to wait and expect more unique cars.

These are models and next, we will talk about their capabilities. As can be seen in the description, they are represented by weight and speed. These indicators will affect the drop rate and the sensitivity in the control. It does not mean that higher speeds will travel longer distances. They are only a small part and depend mostly on your control skills.


This is the most interesting part. BoomBit Games always bring a bright and funny style to their game. You will feel it more clearly when the car hits a building or a tree. They crumbled, the wheels fell off but could still move through the air. The sound part is the same. The sound of the engine, the sound of the thruster, or the roar of the wind when the rocket thruster works and makes you move faster.

MOD APK version of Ramp Car Jumping

MOD features

Unlimited Money: The MOD version gives you lots of money to upgrade, shop, and optimize your engines. Your money will not be reduced when spend.

No Ads: Play game more comfortably, without fuss.

Download Ramp Car Jumping MOD APK for Android

Controls are simple but it’s hard to master them if you don’t learn. BoomBit Games really knows how to cause difficulties for players but makes them feel excited and aroused instinct to conquer.

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