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Ramboat APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v4.2.4

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Package Namecom.generamobile.ramboat
PublisherViva Games Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

The important thing when playing a game is to have fun. Ramboat MOD APK is a game that has everything you need: action-packed arcade endless run with quick, funny chases.

Introduce about Ramboat

Offline Shooting Action Game

The excitement from the chases

The core of Ramboat – Shooter Game is an endless runner game that combines shooting combat and arcade. You will be on your own to make endless chases to escape the fierce pursuit of enemies from all directions. The control operation is simply to help the character move in different directions such as diving into the water, launching a boat into the air, or gently floating along the water, by swiping up or down, touching, holding then release it on the screen.

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Such a control system in my opinion is very neat and flexible, and the efficiency is quite high. You just need to focus on observing to avoid the enemy’s attack and perform sniping scenes. The rest like aiming, shooting, ammo is automatic.

Ramboat – Shooter Game is a long series of chase scenes, it is necessary to constantly move, dodge, move in different directions. Then you can admire the stormy attacks of the soldier that you are controlling. Enemies are diverse, appearing from every corner of the screen. So the attraction always happens every second, the next scene is always different from the previous scene, the interest has also continuously increased over time.

The warriors are so adorable

It is known that Ramboat – Shooter Game is inspired by the movie about the character Rambo, a hero with a hit sniper and a series of fierce sweeps. But different from what you imagine, Ramboat – Shooter Game is not very serious but has a lot of funny elements right from the first minute.

First of all about character creation. Where can you find a hero Rambo with colorful hair or a warrior girl who looks dwarf and glittery like in Ramboat – Shooter Game? When starting the game, you will be able to choose a character with one of the following images: funny short Mambo, lovely pretty Rose, charming Jacqueline, or cool Arnold. Each character has their own appearance. Moreover, the characters also have their own means of transportation and fighting ability. Mambo pilots a jet-skiing warship, Miss Rose flies a fancy red rocket, Miss Jacqueline is in a shark warship, and Arnold fights with a luxury yacht.

Unique item system and weapons

The second factor that makes the Ramboat – Shooter Game’s attacks and chases attractive is in the extremely rich system of items and weapons. With that said, this game seems “unusual” from the start with the cute character image opposite to the name. Then to complete that “unusual” look, you will once again witness a series of unexpected items for the characters.

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The way you move in the game like driving a boat, building a life raft to fight on the river is pretty normal, but later, you will ride a shark in the river to run away from the enemy. That scene was both exhilarating and funny.

I have some information for those of you who are planning to play this game. When you pass some levels and level up, you will be opened new items including vehicles, new weapons, collect more gold, gems, life for soldiers, and many other attractive rewards after completing the mission.

Background scene and encirclement of enemies

During the game, you will have the opportunity to witness many unique scenes, from a peaceful country road to a snow-covered house, an abandoned city, or under the scattered cherry blossoms.

Contrary to that beautiful wallpaper is fiery battles with a lot of extremely enemies. The enemies in this game also contribute to high achievement for the position of the game in the game rankings.

The enemies in this game are so strong. They appear rampant on the screen, in different directions. And yet, they have all kinds and forms of weapons that are not inferior to the main character. The army of paratroopers lands from above and fires continuously around, atomic bombs dropped from planes everywhere and rockets continuously opened fire towards you. You can dodge and shoot to destroy or not is up to your ingenious handling.

Graphics and sound

Ramboat – Shooter Game is shown with a horizontal screen for players to enjoy the full feeling of the intense chase. Hearing the name thought it was a serious action game, but in the end, it turned out to be a funny game. The more you play, the more addicted you are. Part of the fun of course comes from the setting and the line of main characters. The whole game is a 3D scene with fresh colors, character-shaping in a lovely chibi style.

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But the best quality is the bombardment phase to fight the enemy. A series of heavy weapons, shooting out to light up the whole screen, extremely spectacular explosion effects, scorched enemies, falling from above because of the terrible bullets will make you excited. Not to mention the game also installs slow-motion effects in special scenes like when you launch a boat or shoot up a strong enemy.

The atmosphere of war is even heavier with the fiery sound system in Ramboat. You will hear the roar of helicopters, the sound of gunfire, and a variety of small effects from collecting items along the way.

This game becomes an extremely exciting racing and chase picture with all of that.

The battle is still going on in Ramboat 2.

MOD APK version of Ramboat

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Ramboat APK & MOD for Android

If you ask, is playing Ramboat – Shooter Game fun? I will just pin the short review here until you experience it yourself. This arcade action game is fast-paced, beautiful, funny, and has thousands of challenging dilemmas with a high fighting spirit. After playing, I’m so full of energy. Now, it’s your turn to feel for yourself.

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