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Rainbow Story Global APK is a beautiful, attractive role-playing game. It’s also a unique, colorful, and dramatic chibi battlefield that is rare among mobile games of the same genre.

Introduce about Rainbow Story Global

It is where you accompany the brave warriors of the colorful virtual world


Rainbow Story Global features a trailer to bring players into the battle. The story is not very complicated, the motif is like what we usually see: the kingdom is threatened by the demon king. If he took over the kingdom, everything would be immediately plunged into chaos and perpetual darkness. You and your brave warrior friends will set out on the adventure and join deep into the enemy’s ranks while searching for clues that can kill the demon king.

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Along the way, you will meet a lot of people and countless enemies. You will gradually gain skills, better weapons, powerful companions, and loyal mounts. With a series of clues to be revealed, you will find your way to the Demon King and defeat this biggest monster, returning peace and happiness to your home kingdom.

Still a role-playing game but quite different

The 2.5D world that Rainbow Story Global creates is full of mixed reality and surrealism. You will encounter images that are both strange and familiar: bats representing darkness, scary animals with giant carrot weapons, a murky forest full of traps, a powerful wild boar patriarch… It is this imaginative surrealism that sets Rainbow Story Global apart from other classic role-playing games.

Controls in the game are quite small but accurate and well optimized for the character. The turn-based combat mechanism also brings quite an advantage to the player, especially in the first few scenes. The small bosses at this stage are easy to destroy, helping you accumulate points to quickly level up, raise weapons, and open new characters. The lineup is firmly arranged to balance the advantages and disadvantages of each person and you can use all the abilities of the pet and move flexibly with the mount. You will be able to create a lot of powerful ultimate combos to hit your enemies.

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In Rainbow Story Global, in addition to combat, upgrade considerations, and squad allocation, there are many interesting activities. In this world, to find your way to the Demon King’s castle and know how to defeat him completely, you must constantly make friends and chat with people around. These gossips often take place under the flickering fire of a night of camping. You will find true friends, have a deeper relationship with one of them and they could be a life partner in your future.

We also have a lot of daily quests. If you win, you will receive a reward useful for going through the main plot of the game.

Automatic mechanism

The game supports the Auto feature. Many of you may not like this because it limits the player’s adjustment and doesn’t give them the opportunity to unleash their full talent, skill, and experience. But for those who are just playing this game for the first time or are still new to the RPG genre, this automatic feature will help them integrate faster, participate more quickly in battles, get the victory easily, and feel more motivated to go. 

For those with experience, this automation will give you the opportunity to see and enjoy your achievements on the battlefield. Then focus more on leveling up characters, eating items to improve weapons. When the character is strong enough, even when fighting on their own, the heroes will never be weak.

Character customization feature

One of the great joys of Rainbow Story Global players is that they can create their own characters. This stage appears at the beginning of the game. Once you set the character’s name and gender, the screen begins to show a series of recipes for you to freely customize your hero. Choose one from 3 hero categories: Mage, Swordsman, and Archer. With each type of hero, you will be equipped with different armor, accessories, and weapons. Everything is great.

Next, you choose your hairstyle, eyes, make-up, hair color… and finally, a hero of your ideal model appears to start the game.

Simple yet beautiful graphics 

With RPGs, 3D standards seem to have become mainstream. This time, players seem to be immersed in a majestic 3D waterfall with many complex images, moves, and contexts. Amidst that waterfall, Rainbow Story Global is what you need to find. Rainbow Story Global’s 2.5D graphics achieve the richness needed for this multi-character game, but at the same time, it is classic, casual, and simple enough for anyone to join in the fun. Importantly, with no high-resolution mobile phones, you can still play the game without lag, stuttering, or frame drops. Do you choose to play an advanced game and then get lag, or a more casual one that is smooth from start to finish?

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The game’s creation of characters, monsters, and chibi-style backgrounds is not new. But when combined with a slightly surreal element and engaging turn-based combat, Rainbow Story Global has become an interesting mobile RPG that is hard to find.

On the battlefield, I was really surprised by the character’s ability to display magic attacks. The color effects shine brightly in the corner of the screen every time the character launches a move that has great destructive power, making it much easier to defeat the enemy. Of course, while you still find it easy, try to take advantage of the battle. Later, the monsters will be much faster and stronger, and the bosses will be much more difficult.

Download Rainbow Story Global APK for Android

Rainbow Story Global is a cute, light turn-based combat RPG that brings fresh air among today’s heavy-duty RPGs. Are you ready to enjoy the atmosphere of fun fighting here? The game is very great for entertainment on holidays. 

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