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Rainbow Six Mobile APK is a competitive first-person team-shooter. This game is considered a competitor to Call of Duty mobile. There is a lot to talk about the multi-faceted gameplay of this game. Read on to admire this magical shooting game.

Introduce about Rainbow Six Mobile

The online team FPS: live and fight like a real warrior!

If you’ve played many shooting games but still have not felt the same joy as when watching the American movie SWAT, it’s probably because you have not played enough games. These days, there are many shooting games of all genres and angles on mobile. Some of them reach a level of excellence that is not inferior to a PC/console shooter. Rainbow Six Mobile is an example. And here are 9 reasons you must play this game if you like shooting games.

Not just shooting

Here, worthy of being a member of the task force, everyone is a versatile sniper. In addition to shooting, you witness a lot of decisive activities of the squad: drilling thick iron doors within a note, breaking glass doors as fast as lightning, removing mines like a pro… Team up with your teammates and do a lot of cool things together, you witness a true Hollywood action movie. These seemingly out-of-the-ordinary actions contribute to completing the plan, making everything look very real, well-thought-out, and detailed.

This is something that many other shooters cannot do.

Not for the novice

The game offers a high combat speed, so many interwoven details and actions, and requires a smooth combination with teammates on a fierce field measured in milliseconds. So, even if you are curious about shooting a gun, you still hesitate to step into Rainbow Six Mobile. This game is heavy and is definitely only for the pros. But because of that, it becomes a big attraction, for anyone.

High Tactical Shooting

There are too many things to think about and arrange. You must consider where the environment is obstructed or favorable, what must be overcome before encountering the enemy, how will you exit when being covered by all sides, which teammates can support you, and how to both swing and shoot… Not to mention the opponent is getting more and more powerful with many tricks. You must always think of a strategy.

Because you not only shoot guns but also do many other things with your teammates. From there, you improve your combat ability and adapt quickly to the battlefield.

The control operation is extremely short

Another good point of Rainbow Six Mobile is that although everything on the battlefield seems very complicated, it uses the simplest possible controls (including the fewest buttons in the most convenient locations). You just need to focus on thinking and fighting well.

Attractive classes of characters

However, each character still retains its strength and prestige in each skill. In total, Rainbow Six Mobile has 20 characters of 5 different classes. They are divided by looks, skills, guns, equipment, speed, and attack resistance.

These five classes are divided equally between the Attack and Defense factions to balance the forces. We have Point man, Breacher for Attack, Trapper, and Blocker for Defense, Class Support for both factions. Each has advantages and disadvantages. You will have to coordinate with your teammates to make the right and most reasonable moves on the battlefield.

Contrast in gameplay

On two opposing front lines, the game gives players many opposing experiences. The Attackers are always looking for a way to find the opponent’s weak point, find a place to attack, and are ready to blow up anything that gets in their way just to capture a stronghold.

As for the Defenders, they must make use of the character’s weapons, equipment, and skills to create traps and pegs to protect their stronghold.

Just like that, you must constantly use many different ways of playing to achieve the goal with your teammates. It is the contrast between these two opposing factions that has created countless inconclusive situations, which makes each player reel on the very battlefield.

The bombardment simulation is like the real thing

The real simulation in Rainbow Six Mobile is very good. Any weapon or tool that affects the environment will cause destruction. Depending on the material and the weapon, something in the environment will be distorted, and broken in different ways. There will be actions using tools to drill holes through walls, blow up a corner of the room with heavy bombs… The battlefield is more difficult as your shelter is never safe and everything can fall to pieces by the destruction of the guns.

Time is gold

Each turn in Rainbow Six Mobile will last 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, if they cannot gain a stronghold, the Attacking side loses and vice versa. Intense tension, challenging situations, reckless attacks… All these scenarios vary wildly from player to player and campaign to campaign. The game is so rich, dramatic, and unpredictable.

Excellent graphics and sound

You can see beautiful, detailed background design, and a vivid and realistic environment. Importantly, combined with the fast-paced rhythm, the sound creates a battlefield that is too hot. Rescue hostages in the plane, chase around a shop on the street, attack in the workshop… Each level creates its miracle in a very different way.

Download Rainbow Six Mobile APK for Android

There are still certain limitations such as occasional network errors and team members being out. But overall, Rainbow Six Mobile is a game over the top. Come here, and you will have a completely new shooting experience that is unique, realistic and deep.

Currently, Rainbow Six Mobile only opens pre-registration on Ubisoft’s homepage. Please wait when the game is officially released.

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