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Racing Master APK is a real-time racing game with super realistic graphics about to be released by NetEase. The news from the company just released made people fidgety. For anyone who has ever experienced the racing experience of this genre, you will definitely remember the feeling of transforming into a driver, moving at an electric speed on the street in a real car that cannot be more real.

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  1. Racing Master: A super real-time racing game for Android
    1. Racing Master and famous companies stand behind it
    2. Proprietary technology will produce exclusive super games
    3. Super realistic graphics give you great experiences
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Racing Master: A super real-time racing game for Android

Racing Master and famous companies stand behind it

There have been many racing-themed games. Each game tries to do its best at different points. There are a few small genres such as racing simulation, real-time racing, sports racing … But if you have ever had a full experience or just a little racing real-time on PC or console with the right gear, I bet you’ve had some of the best racing. So when I heard that Dahua and NetEase Games studios joined Codemasters to launch a real-time racing game on the mobile platform, racing game enthusiasts have really stirred up.

Racing Master APK download

It is known that the game will have Beta test results on iOS and Android by the end of this March in the US and Canada. The official launch date is unknown. Also, I don’t know anything in advance because the gaming market has many last-minute things. But I will share some of my thoughts when watching the trailers and gameplay images from the official website of Racing Master.

Codemasters are well-known in the gaming market with sports game products, especially racing with games such as GRID Autosport, DIRT or F1 series. To the point, just mentioning the name, everyone nodded and think, “That is Codemasters’s game. Take my money!”. Opening like that so that you guys can rest assured to continue reading, that I am learning about a game that could also be called something.

And the reason Codemasters works with the two major studios is to create the most realistic tracks possible. Maybe you are familiar with 2D racing and racing simulation games with sleek cars and realistic roads. But with a real-time racing game, you will be like the main role of a true action movie chase, the type often seen in the series like 007, The Transporter …

Proprietary technology will produce exclusive super games

This time, Codemasters will create the Racing Master game entirely using their exclusive Unreal 4 and EGO Engine technology. As a result, we have the right to expect the most breathtaking and fiercely competitive racing masterpiece in this age. Forget about 360 degrees racing games or racing games that can’t look at every detail. Because if exactly what goes on in the trailer and gameplay, then once you play something like Racing Master, you will be hard-pressed to play any other racing game.. 

Racing Master gameplay

There are many famous car brands in the game, and of course, its price makes you think that all your money cannot be bought like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Koenigsegg, and Aston Martin. Which one you want to choose is up to you. After choosing, you can also customize your car with a variety of different components and accessories options. The system has no strings attached.

Super realistic graphics give you great experiences

When driving on the road, you can also choose the vehicle’s tilt and touch intensity for proper navigation, range, and better control. This is the core of real-time simulation experiences. In a nutshell, you feel like you are actually behind the wheel, feeling everything around you through the control of your car.

Racing Master for Android

The map system is also highly appreciated, moderate, intuitive, and easy to follow. With racing games, the map is a pretty important part of creating the depth of the game. About graphics… what should I say? It’s a lot more than the racing games on the phone I’ve played. Beautiful, detailed, cool colors, every frame like from a blockbuster action movie comes out. Hopefully, the finished product in the store will not be any different from what we have here. You can see the pictures of the cars and the scenery. It’s so amazing!


Currently, Racing Master is only released for certain regions. You need to use any VPN to connect to the Canadian server. If not, you can not load game data.

Download Racing Master APK for Android

Racing Master allows you to play offline against the AI. But do not expect to play tricks with them because Codemasters AI’s intelligence is not trivial. Or, if you want more competition, play online to compete with players around the world.

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