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NameRabbids Coding!
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PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
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RequiresAndroid 5.0

You want to find a game for children, help them practice common thinking in life, even get familiar with some concepts about programming? Rabbids Coding! APK is the game I would recommend to you.

Introduce about Rabbids Coding!

The graphics and content are cute and easy to understand

Rabbids Coding! is a game under the Education category, released by Ubisoft Entertainment. It is designed for children with simple content and cute graphics like a cartoon movie. The game consists of hundreds of puzzles that require kids and parents to figure out how to catch the entire rabbids – a species that resembles a rabbit in space and drop them into a washing machine. Otherwise, the rabbids could destroy your spaceship.

Install a program to help the robots on the spaceship catch the rabbids. They cannot function without your command. The gameplay is similar to puzzle games, but the game has extremely detailed and realistic 3D graphics. Space spaceship consists of cute animals are running, jumping and floating. The music is also quite fun and playful, helping children to be more interested in this game. If you want more focus, turn off background music in the settings.

How to play

How to play Rabbids Coding!? First, you need to look at the number of steps on the screen. Then look at the list of commands you can use, then choose a suitable algorithm to help the robot catch the rabbit, then move to the location of the washing machine. For example, in the figure below, you can only use three commands to create a program. There is no limit to the number, that is, you can choose one command as many times as you like. Note with the coding block with turn symbols. It only allows the robot to rotate the direction in the current cell, not move to the next cell.

Rabbids Coding APK download

Now, Rabbids Coding! There are hundreds of levels divided into many different topics. The context of each theme has also changed, helping players not get bored. To reduce the pressure on the player, because the object of this game is aimed at children, the game has no time limit. There is only a limit on the number of commands (displayed in the left corner of the screen), which proves that the game always encourages players to find the best algorithm, which takes the least number of commands. If you don’t know, time optimization is a very important factor in programming.

If you still do not understand the meaning of the symbols of each coding block, you can see the details of each icon in the Tutorial.

Guide children how to think

Rabbids Coding! is a very suitable game to help children practice their thinking ability. They can learn to solve a problem, find the best solution to complete a problem. Besides, some children have trouble distinguishing between left and right. This game constantly asks children to determine the direction to find the best way to move for the robot.

Rabbids Coding gameplay

In particular, you can help your child understand the important thing is, there are many ways to solve a problem, not just one way. Try different ways, looking in different directions. If it fails, that’s okay. There is no penalty in Rabbids Coding!, you can play again and again.

How does Rabbids Coding! help children become familiar with programming?

Use commands to form a program that helps robots solve problems. That is the basics of programming, isn’t it? If you want to familiarize your children with programming thinking, instead of the dry code in books, you can play Rabbids Coding! with them and help them learn. The game also provides some programming basics such as loops, algorithms, sequencing, …

Download Rabbids Coding! APK for Android

Whether it’s a game for kids, Rabbids Coding! can also make parents feel “headache” with some extremely difficult puzzles. An extremely interesting game, but also provides a lot of useful knowledge for players. If you want to find a game that helps your child understand some programming basics, this is the best game you can find on Google Play.

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