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NamePunishing: Gray Raven
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Punishing: Gray Raven is an excellent 3D action game from the publisher HK HERO ENTERTAINMENT. In the game, you are the leader, the last hope of humanity, fighting against the army of robots who are crazy because of the virus infection.

Introduce about Punishing: Gray Raven

Highly aesthetic action game that takes you into the enchanting dark world!

The story

Punishing: Gray Raven is a game set in the apocalypse of humanity, combined with sci-fi elements related to robots. In the far future, a strange virus is spread by an evil, ambitious corporation. The virus infiltrates the servers, turning a series of robots serving people into killing machines. You are the only hero able to fight these ferocious robots and find the mastermind behind them.

My assessment of the plot is: although it is about the apocalypse scenario with the betrayal of robots, there are many plot twists, many sensational discoveries in later scenes, and then in the end you will realize some earth-shaking secrets hidden in the limited time you have. You are the only one who carries the team to solve it all.

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Your enemy on the surface is an army of sophisticated robots that evolve into horrible monsters, but behind them are sinister, cruel people and corrupt organizations and alliances that are both fighting each other and have the same big goal of wiping out this human world to create a new world for one of them. Sometimes when playing, you may feel a bit lonely and wonder what’s the end of humans.

I mean the game is so beautiful, majestic, and majestic that it makes us always have thoughts that are so attached to the character like that.

Punishing: Gray Raven is a game of aesthetic action

It is considered a game that introduces a new concept in mobile RPGs, “combat aesthetics”.

The design of Punishing: Gray Raven is smooth and delicate. The feeling of hitting is very realistic and spacious. The game is designed in a horizontal screen style, making the loneliness in the unknown space increase, and the battles become more spectacular than ever.

On the way to battle, players don’t just come to the fight. You will see a gloomy and desolate Earth, which is gradually becoming the grave of people because of its development reaching the threshold without stopping. Many people have died, those who are lucky to survive are forced to leave their homes, living in exile in the deep underground spaces, leaving the land to the bloodthirsty robot legions. That scene really haunted me.

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The colors are deep, quiet, and ethereal. Everything around is crumbling, highlighting the dead and dangerous atmosphere nearby. On that dark background, every movement, and interaction during combat between you and the enemy is clearly visible. This kind of opposing space design also makes me think that there is still a ray of hope, the last light of humanity. The dazzling effects from the character’s moves are clear to every line, extremely eye-catching. Every time you launch a move, it sweeps most of the screen, epic and surreal!

Highly strategic gameplay

The game requires players to have judgment and the ability to move flexibly and coordinate attacks smoothly. Sliding fingers are guided through a circular navigation button on the left-hand side, while weapons and skills are all located on the right. It may take some time to get used to, but when it’s all right, everything is within reach.

This is an ARPG game that combines action and match-3-skill cast technique, meaning that it is possible to combine all 3 moves at the same time. But choosing the right combination, at the right time is completely the skill of the player. This is the time to show your strategic mind and vision. The dodge moves in Punishing: Gray Raven must be said to be extremely effective, fast but also skillful.

Upgrades in the game

It is not clearly demarcating each battle screen like other role-playing games. You just need to know that you always have to move forward, constantly fight and constantly lead your teammates on this path of action. And every time you fight an enemy, you will earn points corresponding to the difficulty and ingenuity of the attack (points appear on each enemy’s head when dying in battle).

The points you earn will help you slowly unlock new moves and skills. Of course, the enemies are getting stronger and stronger in proportion to the main character’s abilities. Later, the skill is more beautiful, and the destructive power is greater, helping you to survive in battles with huge robot monsters, sometimes 5 times 6 times yourself.

You just take it easy because the upgrade mode is quite fair, and in my opinion, it is not difficult to get the power commensurate with the monsters out there.

Delicate sound giving each character a personality

An indispensable point in Punishing: Gray Raven is the sound, which includes background music, sound effects, and voiceovers of the characters. The background music is melancholy and sad, true to the current context of the world. It makes you feel like anything unexpected can happen at any time. The sound effects are extremely cool, which contributes a lot in making an overwhelming efficiency in Match 3 appearances. Each move has its own “voice”. And when combining 2-3 moves together, each of those sounds blends harmoniously in the same moment.

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The voiceover is another good part of the game. The game tells the entire story based on the “talk” and statements of each character, both you and the enemy. And according to the publisher, they have invited the leading Japanese voice experts to bring out each character’s individuality and uniqueness in each character’s vocal range, such as artists Ishikawa Yui, Chino Aiyi, Tanaka Mimi, Matsuoka Tsuijo, Kawasumi Ayako, Fukuyama Jun, Tomatsu Haruka, Hosoya Yoshimasa… The game also allows players to unlock other voices in turn when their relationship with a teammate has become closer.

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In short, Punishing: Gray Raven is an action game has high aesthetics, a plot with many unpredictable details, beautiful images, great characters, and diverse sounds. If there is any reason why you may wonder about this game, it may be the Japanese language. Anyone who knows Japanese will easily experience it. Otherwise, just guess then play, like me, it’s nothing difficult at all!

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