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Public Transport Simulator APK + MOD (Unlimited Keys) v1.35.4

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NamePublic Transport Simulator
Package Namecom.skisosoft.pts
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Keys
RequiresAndroid 4.4

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Introduce about Public Transport Simulator

If you are tired of racing games like real gangsters, why not try sitting behind the bus steering wheel, doing your job in safety way? Do not rush to evaluate the work that is boring, try joining the Public Transport Simulator and you will have to rethink this because the game gives you a lot of interesting experiences.

Public Transport Simulator is a city bus driving simulation game that is being released for free on Google Play. Join the game, you are taken to a beautiful, peaceful city to come as a professional bus driver with many new bus models.


Driving simulation games have always been the favorite genre of many players thanks to the exploitation of the player’s concentration, patience and smart reflexes in all traffic situations. The transport system is completely simulated as real life, players will play the role of a bus driver and complete the job of transporting passengers at the bus stop and pleasing them. The driving mechanism is also very similar to reality. Many passengers are waiting for you at the bus stop. When you open the door, they will get in and sit in the vacant positions on the bus.

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In general, the bus control interface displayed on the screen is not too complicated. In the lower corner of the screen there are two directions adjustment buttons so that the player can control the bus to the left or right. On the left corner are the icon buttons to help players operate the car more smoothly. Click the “stop” icon when you want to stop, the light symbol is used when it is dark or foggy, do not forget to honk when you want to pass another vehicle or go through the turn without signal light. To drive “smoothly”, you need to coordinate the operations smoothly and absolutely obey the traffic laws if you do not want to lose your job.

Your score is calculated by traffic compliance and the level of passenger care. So the more you go carefully, the higher the score you get at the end of the stage, and the more positive reviews you receive from the passengers.

Do you know? Bus Simulator: Original and Bus Simulator: Ultimate also belongs to the theme of public transport simulation and has very interesting gameplay!


This is a bus driving game so most of the vehicles here are buses with all sizes, shapes and colorful colors. They can be long and connected to two and three cars at the same time (looks like miniature trains), double-decker buses, or simply multi-seat cars, even semi-truck cars. You will unlock buses by completing quests, overcoming challenges and using game money to buy in the store.

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The journey of the bus is quite a realistic simulation. In addition to driving from point A to point B in the safest way, you must also meet the basic needs of your passengers. Every error in the way related to traffic safety or causing passenger problems, players will be deducted experience points. Therefore, you should be careful with the bus stations. Keep your passengers off the bus safely before continuing to move. If your service is not good, passengers absolutely have the right to feedback on what you bring to them. Comments will be both positive and negative. Although sometimes you may feel uncomfortable with your comments, it is an experience to make the trip to be more perfect.


I must say that the simulation games have extremely outstanding graphics and this game is no exception. The environment in the game is designed with realistic and sharp 3D graphics. The beautiful scenery outside the window makes you feel like you are on a trip for free in Europe.

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Besides, the day/night cycle and the weather effect make your experience more realistic. Driving in the rain and snowstorms will bring many difficult challenges for your steering. You will have the opportunity to experience a night trip under the starlight and light of the big cities. The sound effects very lively and attractive. The sound of the car engine and the passengers talking are sounds that are simulated from reality.

About Public Transport Simulator MOD APK latest version

MOD features

Unlimited Keys: Key is the primary currency in the Public Transport Simulator. You have to work hard to get them. You can use Keys for purposes like shopping for new buses. But now you don’t have to work so hard. The MOD APK version of Public Transport Simulator has a lot of Keys. You can use it to buy more than 20 different types of vehicles in the Garage.


Not only is it an entertaining game, but Public Transport Simulator also gives players practical knowledge about driving rules, traffic safety as well as working attitude in life. Although there is no sensational thrilling action, the experience of this game is extremely helpful. Start your bus driver job today by downloading this game via the links below the article. It’s free.

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