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The Closed Beta version of Project M APK, an FPS strategy game on the mobile platform, began launching this August. Only players in the two regions of the Philippines and Malaysia will get to experience it soon before it is released globally. If you are using an Android device, you can still install the APK file to play. Note that, each day the game only allows up to 3000-5000 logins.

Introduce about Project M

Shooting game with graphics and gameplay similar to Valorant

What is Project M?

This game is produced by NetEase, one of China’s leading game developers. After Riot Games launched the project to bring Valorant to Android and iOS mobile platforms with the name Valorant Mobile, NetEase introduced its new project and allowed players to pre-register on Google Play and App Store. Surprisingly, the game’s trailer appeared on a Valorant Leak twitter page with a tweet: “There is now a Valorant Mobile clone, lol”.

Project M

Right after that, Project M received a lot of attention from the gaming community and many mixed comments showing that this is a game that has taken a lot of elements from Riot Games’ “Project Ares” product, also known as Valorant. For now, APKMODY will help you learn more about this mobile first-person shooter game.

Tactical shooting gameplay

Project M is a first-person tactical shooter game. The game is a combination of two games Overwatch and CS: GO. The game follows the classic gameplay, 5v5 Bomb Defuse. At the beginning of the game, the system will assign the roles of 2 parties, one side is Offense, the other side is Defense. The task of the Offense side is to plant bombs or destroy all members of the other team, while the Defense side will have the task of defuse bombs or destroy all enemy members to win.

Each round, the two teams will have about 40 seconds at the beginning of the match, also known as the Buy Phase, to use the money they have to buy guns, armor and skills of the character. After the end of each round, players will receive a fixed amount of money with bonuses depending on their performance in the previous round.

A match will be divided into 15 rounds, the team that achieves 8/15 rounds first will be the winner. Each round has a duration of 1 minute 30 seconds, if the Offense team does not plant bombs within the time frame, it will be forfeited. If the bomb is placed successfully, if within 45 seconds the Defense side cannot defuse the bomb, that round will be counted as the Offense side winning.

The skills of some characters are completely similar to Valorant

Currently, Project M owns 8 champions, which are: Nemesis, Coldcast, Faith Arrow, Storm, Sentinel, Elixir, BloodRaider and Blink. Each character has 3 separate skills with different roles. Nemesis, BloodRaider is a Duelist type, who plays the role of the attacker, entering the site to pave the way for teammates.

Project M for Android

Coldcast plays the role of Guardian, who takes care of the rear to avoid unexpected enemy attacks from behind. Faith Arrow and Sentinel are in the role of Ghost, who will signal the start of the Duelist to enter the bomb site. Vanguard is the role that gives tactics to the team, the two characters in this role are Storm and Blink. Finally, the Sentinel role belongs to Elixir, the task of this role is to support the team.

It is worth noting that some characters have skills that are completely similar to Valorant’s Agents through the trailer that NetEase has released. For example, Sage’s Ice Wall skill, Brimstone’s Smoke, Sova’s Drone and Arrow, there’s even a character who possesses all of Omen’s skills. Even when the player kills an opponent, the kill marks and sound of the kill are similar to Valorant. That’s why the national gaming community had mixed comments about NetEase’s new game when they stole the idea from Riot Games.

Gun recoil

In FPS games, having good control of your gun plays a very important role. After experiencing the Project M game, the recoil of the gun is not high, very suitable for a mobile game. Crosshair dilation when moving is very small compared to games like Valorant and CS:GO, so you can easily spray control to aim and kill enemies.

Graphic design of Project M

Talking about the graphics of Project M, it is completely suitable for a tactical shooter game for mobile. The graphics of the environment, the location of the map, the design style are all very beautiful. However, some locations, maps, and character designs are completely similar to Valorant, which makes Project M nothing more than a copy.

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The sound design of the game is not really great for an FPS game. Footsteps and gunfire are very hard to hear even when wearing headphones, it will be difficult to guess where the enemy is standing and shooting. Therefore, you must fully pay attention to the bullet line to determine the enemy’s position.

Download Project M APK for Android

After the controversy about the lawsuit between Overwatch and Paladins, but there have also appeared a lot of games “cloning” CS: GO, Fortnite… in the gaming market in China. But whatever the problem is, it’s the private business of the two developers. As players, let’s enjoy this game.

Follow APKMODY every day for more updates on upcoming games. As for Project M, we will update the download link as soon as the game is officially released on the market.

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