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Project CARS Go APK is a sports racing game from the developer GAMEVIL (Korea). After much expectations of fans, now available on mobile platforms iOS & Android. Project CARS’s original version on PC and console from 2018 has been a great success and made a difference with racing games of the same genre thanks to smooth graphics, smooth motion, and especially new roads that you’ve never seen before. Let’s see what the mobile version can do!

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  1. Project CARS Go: Racing is a must to race on your dream car
    1. The shortened version but the gameplay is not shortened at all
    2. Racing is a must in the dream car and on the real road
    3. My personal thought: super cool game, one-touch gameplay and the captivating music
  2. Download Project CARS Go APK for Android

Project CARS Go: Racing is a must to race on your dream car

The shortened version but the gameplay is not shortened at all

I don’t know what developer Slightly Mad Studios is planning for the next versions of Project CARS on PC and console, but the results of shaking hands with the release studio GAMEVIL (Korea) have launched a very attractive mobile version for players. Basically, Project CARS Go is a shortened version of the original Project CARS, but the inherent strengths and differences of the original remain the same. One can see clearly through the impressive graphics, detailed sound, and also with many breathtaking thrill tracks.

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And to match gameplay with a compact interface on mobile devices, Project CARS Go has been reworked with a simple, easy-to-use “one-touch” mechanism. That means with just one tap on the mobile screen, you can easily control everything, even easier than play on PC and console with all kinds of gears included.

This version focuses on retaining real racing scenes such as Autodromo Nazionale Monza, WeatherTech Raceway, Laguna Seca … At the same time, you also experience more than 50 licensed racing cars in real life. But unlike the original version before, players can now not only choose a racing car to their liking but also can customize the necessary parts in the car to serve the race.

If you are just a normal player like me, this function only increases aesthetics because I only know how to change some stickers and car horns. But for those guys who specialize in cars, the deep customization for the car is a paradise of discovery. You can even take advantage of the stops in the track to continue customizing your car again if the situation is not favorable.

And you can also take a little more time to earn more rewards or accumulation points along the way to make it easier for the car exchange phase or upgrade the car.

Racing is a must in the dream car and on the real road

Slightly Mad Studios has upheld its commitment, maintaining the unique feature that is inherent to Project CARS on all platforms. Go version for mobile is also a racing game with attention to detail and everything with a focus on the player’s authentic racing experience. The interior allows deep customization into every corner of the car, then choose the track, then the way of racing, and hundreds of tiny things to choose from and customize, enough to see the developer’s greatest intentions. They give players the satisfaction called “Racing is must race on the dream car”.

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My personal thought: super cool game, one-touch gameplay and the captivating music

I’ve played a lot of racing games on both PC and mobile (not the console yet). But experience with Project CARS (PC) and this time Project CARS Go was really overwhelming. Hardly any redundant details can be found in the design. The surrounding landscape is true to every wind. The most fascinated are the roads through the mountains and through the big city. The car is sleek, the interior is custom made from the A-Z so it feels stimulating.

The most important thing to me in racing games is smooth motion. And with experience from 2018 up to now, the game maker has really not disappointed fans.

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Music is also an important card in racing games. You can not compete excitedly on the melancholy music, or the romantic surrounding mountains cannot match an old rock song. It is said that the music library has thousands of tracks, pre-copyrighted for use only for this cross-platform racing project. That is, I have not mentioned that there are several music segments that are cut to connect two or three songs to one track.

In the default mode, the game allows you to download for free, players will join the major races in the tournament called World Tour. And if you feel that is not enough, you can choose a recurring payment mode to explore large, complex, and more challenging tracks such as Time Trials and Daily Invitationals. In these modes, you will play online and compete with other online players in the same system.

Download Project CARS Go APK for Android

Overall, this is one of the best racing games for Android. If you have ever played the PC or console version, immediately download Project CARS Go APK via the link below to join the fierce races.

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