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NamePole Dance!
Package Namecom.lacivert.poledance
PublisherRollic Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Pole Dance! MOD APK is a simple arcade game suitable for weekends. This game is especially for women, even those who are busy with children. Take advantage of your child’s sleeping time and play it for about half an hour, you will feel extremely relaxed.

Introduce about Pole Dance!

Pole dancing is truly a fascinating and captivating art

About Pole Dance

Well, don’t be in a hurry to have bad opinions about it. It is not like the scenes in the movies. Here’s another story.

This is exactly an art if you use it right for a healthy purpose. Pole dance is the art of combining dance and acrobatics around a vertical pole. Pole dance always requires intense training to perform each movement precisely and flexibly by all the body. The great feature of this subject is to help women show off the attractive lines of their bodies, practice flexibility, patience and appreciate every detail of their body more.

Many famous people, beautiful hot girls, and more and more women are practicing and pursuing this subject. Although attractive, many people are still heavily prejudiced against it because of some not-good images from previous entertainment publications. Do you really like Pole Dance and look forward to taking a course OR have misconceptions about this sport? Either one, try out Pole Dance! once with me to see how it is.

The game will show you all the beauty of Pole Dance

Perhaps because you do not know about this subject, you have not yet absorbed its beauty. I firmly believe that any girl, once thoroughly researched about it, will be attracted by the charm of Pole Dance. Instead of consuming the time to read about it little by little, see each picture, or scroll through Youtube clips to understand it, now you just need to play this game to see all the quintessence of this subject.

Pole Dance! is a game completely inspired by this art. In the game, you play the role of a girl showing her beautiful body curves on a tall pole. The pole will gradually move forward, on which you continuously switch positions corresponding to the pose on the wall in front of you. The wall is an obstacle with a die-cut figure of a pole dancing pose. Your only task is to help your character pose exactly like the model on the wall, fitting the die-cut position, and you will successfully pass through the wall. Otherwise, if the pose doesn’t match the die-cut, you cannot go through the wall and lose.

The higher the level, the more complicated it. The speed of changing poses is denser and more unexpected. You’ll be a little busier, but nothing to think much about. The fun for players is not in the way of playing or the level of challenges, but in collecting for yourself many different poses centered on the pole.

If you are practicing this sport, this is exactly a pole dance guild book including hundreds of extremely attractive and seductive poses. Even when you are just a person curious about this subject, all the beautiful bodies and professional poses of the girls here will make you restless. Maybe you will want to find a pole dancing class after playing this game XD. And if you have never had a good impression of this sport, the images displayed and hard training you observe in the game will definitely give you a different perspective on Pole Dance. It is very young, vibrant, attractive, and full of fun.

After all, it’s just a sport, but it’s never easy

To perform each movement skillfully and beautifully like this, you will need strong arms, tough physical strength, and above all, a challenging non-stop practicing process. Anyone who has practiced aerobics or done gym may understand what I said. Remember when you first started practicing. Just holding the dumbbells up and down, or clinging to the crossbar, was enough for you to be exhausted, and such exercises even caused muscle pain in the following week. For this sport, you use your hands and body to practice around the poles for a long time, it will take you a lot of energy and effort.

That is why I always think that pole dancers are really tough and strong. They have both endurance and resilience. Look at the poses in the game Pole Dance!, you can understand what I said.

MOD APK version of Pole Dance!

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Pole Dance! MOD APK for Android

It is an entertaining game that is super easy to play, beautiful, cheerful, and energetic, very suitable for these boring lockdown days. After playing, I also understand a lot about this seductive sport. Try playing with me!

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