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Pokémon Aloha APK is the new Pokemon strategy battle game for mobile. If you’ve been addicted to Pokemon’s movies, cards, model toys, stuffed animals, and so on, you must definitely try this game.

Introduce about Pokémon Aloha

The very hot Pokemon squad strategy on mobile: Are you ready to become a Trainer Champion?

Pokemon is a legendary animated series and the childhood of many people. A series of Pokemon games is now available to serve all the needs of fans. You know, mobile is a popular platform. We already have Pokemon GO which specializes in collecting Pokemon on the road, but it seems that there is still a lack of a Pokemon game specializing in squad tactical combat, one of the classics on PC and console platforms.

Now you don’t have to go around looking for or have to play Pokemon imitation games anymore because recently, a true Pokemon game with squad-based combat on mobile has been released. It is Pokémon Aloha.


Like many other Pokemon games, Pokémon Aloha has almost no specific storyline. It’s always a reason for Trainers from all over the world to gather in one place and compete against each other. You will play the role of one of the famous Trainers, with the gift being your first Pokemon. In turn, you go here and there to collect Pokemon in the region, form the strongest Pokemon team and fight the Trainers, you try to defeat them and veteran Gym Leaders. Slowly, you try to become the Champion Pokemon Trainer of the whole city.


When playing Pokémon Aloha, you will be a young, talented trainer. Your task is simply to collect Pokemon, form a standard Pokemon squad, train Pokemon to fight, and collect more powerful Pokemon species. And then you will have hand-to-hand combat with the region’s Trainers and Gym Leaders. With each victory achieved, you will be promoted, and the Pokemon team will increase the level of evolution and get stronger fighting power.

This long-term work cannot be done by everyone. In addition to understanding the abilities of each Pokemon on the team, you must also have ingenious battle tactics, training, and leadership abilities.

Just understanding each Pokemon in the current squad (and also the Pokemon you want to collect on the way) is exhausting enough. But once going deep into this world, it will not be easy to get out because of its attractiveness. Each Pokemon species is not only attractive with its strange and impressive appearance but also possesses its own set of skills and powers. When standing together in a squad, they complement each other to bring thousands of power combinations, creating an almost limitless richness in this game. You know, playing a game with lots of things to explore is super great happiness.

In every battle, 6 of your Pokemon and 6 of your opponent’s Pokemon will battle in turn. The elemental system is still the same as the Pokemon games you’ve ever known: fire beats grass, lightning wins water… Combine these principles with the individual strength of each Pokemon, thereby creating a battle strategy that suits your squad.

Pokémon Aloha has many game modes: Club, League, Legendary Pokemon…, giving you the opportunity to collect many attractive rewards for the squad. PvP battle modes are also divided into many maps, many types of arenas for each elemental system so that new players can also catch up and get acquainted from simple to more complex.

Familiar Pokemon

The Pokemon animation has left many unforgettable impressions on viewers and is forever attractive not only because of the message of friendship, environmental protection, and profound morality but also because the Pokedex set is too standard. Even people who have never seen the movie, never played any Pokemon game, can feel their hearts flutter with the lovely images of Pikachu, Togepi, Eevee, Piplup, Psyduck, Squirtle, Jigglypuff, Phanpy… They’re strangely cute and lovely. Even the most heroic, cold-blooded Pokemon are all very cute like Mewtwo, Xerneas, Lugia… I know many people play Pokemon games… just for Pokemon.

Promoting this strength, in Pokémon Aloha, you will have the opportunity to meet many familiar Pokemon species including the names mentioned above and many other ones. Each Pokemon has its own power, skill, and evolution mechanism. Your task is to understand each of your Pokemon and make the squad invincible. The full lineup will include 6 Pokemon. You will carry your team around fighting all other Trainer’s teams.

The quest system never stops

There are not only many Pokemon but also a lot of big and small quests. Besides battles and missions to build the ideal Pokemon team, you can travel around in the beautiful 3D world, meet many interesting people, learn new knowledge, see everything in a brilliantly bright world.

Your mission in the game is a combination of progressions, so it can be very simple (like: you meet someone, talk to that person, go to the gift shop…) or more complex (like: you get a Pokemon, choose to increase the Pokemon’s power, select the Trainer you want to battle…) And of course, above all, you must have a reasonable battle strategy to win.

The game also has many free rewards every day, such as x3,000 Diamonds, x10 Gold Coupons, x10 Lucky Coupons, x10 Glory Stone, x10 Intriguing Stone…

Download Pokémon Aloha APK for Android

This true battle strategy Pokemon game will take you to the most beautiful, funniest, and fastest 6v6 battles. The game offers attractive 3D graphics, fresh colors, small but delicate Trainer, and Pokemon shapes. This is a Pokemon game you definitely must not miss on mobile.

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