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NamePocket Mine 3
Package Nameca.roofdog.pm3
PublisherRoofdog Games
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Pocket Mine 3 APK is a game from the publisher Roofdog Studios. This treasure hunt game will take you on a journey to explore the underground world where treasures and hundreds of traps await.

Introduce about Pocket Mine 3

The professional digger and underground treasure!

Classic treasure hunt game with modern minimalist gameplay

There have been too many games on the topic of treasure hunting from classics to crazy. And if you love the classics of this genre then remember to play Pocket Mine 3 at least once in your life.

In the game, you are a guy looking for treasure. With only a hammer in hand, solve the puzzles on the map one by one and begin the journey to explore the small nooks and crannies of the underground city. Treasures are always hidden somewhere, often in the most unexpected places. Just be careful, you will collect all these valuable chests.

The operation of playing this classic treasure hunt game is also quite simple. With any tool in hand, you just need to touch the screen to dig a path or destroy obstacles, keep touching to go and then continue the process until you get your hands on rich chests. Once you have a certain amount of assets, you will be equipped with some modern mining tools, making it easier for you to fight monsters and mine faster.

Principles of treasure digging in Pocket Mine 3

A note for new players is: this digger, although only doing the only move, is digging and digging. But he will dig a block at a time and not every block is done with just one hit. There are many types of rock that have to be manipulated several times. And sometimes, after digging this block, he just went down one more step when another block next to it fell down, crushing the worker’s head. These situations appear more and more later. You need to be careful with the stones. They are sometimes more dangerous than monsters.

But in return, like those match-3 games, if the block falls, the chain effect will explode, which will destroy a series of stone blocks. Every block that the miner gets, too, sometimes contains mines, so it only needs to fall to explode a series of other blocks, opening a wide and long path for our character.

On the way to find the treasure, our digger also encounters countless other dangers such as robbers, robot guards. Occasionally, you are also “gifted” with some unknown people or octopuses. All enemies along the way have in common being short, fat, a square or rectangular block with a confusing identity and a very funny face. The way they make it difficult for the digger is also various. But luckily, no matter what we hold in our hands, we can fight these guys easily. And importantly, they don’t have a brain, so sometimes they “fall into the hole” because of a silly mistake, without you needing to do anything.

Why does Pocket Mine 3 attract players like a magnet?

The gameplay is just that. But the game is addictive for a reason. The first is because of the speed and neatness in each scene. Each scene goes by very quickly, without question or related to each other. For those who like simplicity, easy to understand and quick to win, this is the ideal game.

The plot as you can see, it’s so simple that it’s hard to accept for someone who wants to find a deep game. But for those who like the classic treasure hunt genre, this is a logical obvious thing. The important thing is to go, dig and find treasure, but the rest is meaningless.

Pictures, graphics, colors, music

Next is the image and graphics section. Approaching a rather dry theme, with no plot, no tactical elements or upgrades, the game’s graphics and slightly witty communication will be at the core of everything. Pocket Mine 3 has cleverly chosen witty 2D graphics for itself. Shaping the main character and a series of enemies looks both funny and silly. Just look at this robot’s face, you will understand. It is this graphic style that helps the game reduce stiffness, no longer boredom and increase fun. In general, the entertainment is extremely high.

Exquisite graphics are also reflected in the effects: sparkles, fiery collisions, earth-shaking mines digging, and haloing when you loot… All lighting effects in Pocket Mine 3 must be said to be extremely impressive, especially in the scenes of finding treasure.

Of course, don’t play this game if you just like to look at the screen in monochrome and easily get confused by scenes that are too colorful.

Pocket Mine 3’s music is also a “make you fall in love” element. The general atmosphere is humorous and witty, the music once again sublimates everything, especially the details combined with light effects and movement. The mellow background music in the gentle scenes, raised to the climax with sound effects contributed to making the miner’s journey to find underground treasures more exciting than ever.

Download Pocket Mine 3 APK for Android

In short, it is very recommended to play, everyone. Pocket Mine 3 is very cute, easy to play, cute and addictive. If you are interested, immediately download the game via the link below.

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