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Do you still remember Pocket Legends, the title of a hit game many years ago? Around seven years ago, Spacetime Studios released the world’s first 3D mobile MMO, and today its after-version is back to the name of Pocket Legends Adventures with all the new features, new mechanics in the familiar context. According to the publisher, Pocket Legends Adventures is a real-time combat game featuring a variety of character customization and skill set. It also focuses on social interactions such as chatting with friends, equip your character …


Pocket Legends Adventures

Pocket Legends Adventures tells the story of Alterra, where is in danger of a catastrophic disaster, the Queen Elf need your help to make this land a peaceful comeback again. When you join the game, you will be transformed into a character belonging to 3 classes, including the Ursan, Avian, and Elves. Each character owns a set of skills along with individual stats. Do not overdo it, because you can change characters even if you start playing if you feel like trying something new.

After choosing a character for yourself, you will be taken to the first dungeon where you will start your own battle. There, your enemies and traps will be scattered all the way, and a boss at the end of the journey when all the other enemies are destroyed. You move and attack by touching the screen, you can even turn on auto-run to handle motion. After you complete a level, you can find a reward box, there are many things you will collect such as armor, weapons, and pieces to open new pets, magic,…

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There is a tactical trick for you. When the enemy is about to die, they will turn red, signaling an impending attack. So you have to choose the right place if you do not want to be hurt.

During the battle, you will see special strengths below the screen. Using them will help you develop special character skills. These skills have cooldowns, so you need to use them wisely.

Upgrade to more powerful

As the battle gets tougher, you will need to upgrade spells and stats. You can only upgrade one thing at a time, and it will take a while if you want to continue. Unfortunately, the weapons in Pocket Legends Adventures can’t be upgraded in any way, you need to earn a better one in any way.

There are 5 different weapons: Ninja weapons, Archer weapons, Lorekeeper weapons, Enchantress and Knight weapons. Each weapon has its own attack power and abilities, such as faster nunchuck, long range bow, high damage but long duration, the Swords have an attacking and speed balance.

Community features

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The community features in Pocket Legends Adventures are featured, as well as the previous version. You can interact with other players through chat, team building. It can be said that the game is full of essential functions that an MMORPG needs.

In addition, you can team up and explore dangerous areas like The Gauntlet, Cap’n Crates, and face Babrax the Demon.

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The graphics of the game are pretty nice, built on a modern 3D platform. As a result, the game has brought new and unique features to the mobile platform.

Simple interface, fun characters, and smooth movements have created a remarkable highlight for Pocket Legends Adventures. The attractive thing is that you can customize the appearance of your character: hair color, nose, eyes, ears …

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With Pocket Legends Adventures, you’ll experience real-time combat systems, custom character customization, and mission-critical systems. Although basically, the game develops individual campaigns, players can also join the team in the game.

With support for both Android and iOS platforms, does Pocket Legends Adventures have an impact? Let’s see what Pocket Legends Adventures will do?. Now, you can download the game Pocket Legends Adventures on the device to experience.

Pocket Legends Adventures APK is ready to download!

Depending on your needs, you can download Pocket Legends Adventures MOD APK or Pocket Legends Adventures Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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