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NamePixel Survival Game 3
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Pixel Survival Game 3 is a pixel-style survival game on mobile, although it has a light configuration, the gameplay contains many attractive things.

Introduce about Pixel Survival Game 3

Salvation dawn!

Just a few days ago, I watched two parts of the Kingdom, the Korean Joseon era zombie series. It’s very great, different from American zombies. The movie is not too fast, not too slow, but every frame is brutal and tinged with death. A few people, regardless of status, must cooperate to do two things: During the day, they plan, gather furniture and materials, build fences, make weapons, and deploy troops. At night, when the zombies wake up, they come over and start fighting with the zombies. And they could only breathe a sigh of relief when dawn appeared.

That vicious circle naturally reminds me of Pixel Survival Game 3, a mobile pixel game of the survival genre that I played not too long ago. The main character in this game also has to work hard during the day to collect many useful things, and in the evening, he struggles to fight with a bunch of hungry monsters. Everything goes on and on until you can’t hold it any longer. If you are interested in this game genre, download and play Pixel Survival Game 3 right away.


Similar to the previous installments of the series, your only goal in Pixel Survival Game 3 is to survive as many days as possible. When the night comes, everything changes and becomes scary when many hungry monsters are trying to devour you. In the game, they are called Hunger. To survive the darkness and this horde of ferocious Hunger that eat nothing, you must prepare well from dawn. The sun shone all around, making the Hunger not dare to step out of their hiding place. Take this opportunity, you must hurry to collect as many materials and items as possible. They can be small self-defense weapons, can be a fire trap or a tool to bring back to upgrade existing weapons.

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Daytime is an item collection war. The night is a battle for survival. You will have to run constantly, if you are unable to run anymore, you have to stop fighting monsters with your homemade weapons. Then set traps, entice them to come to the pit. In short, you have to do every possible way to stay alive until dawn comes.

The survival challenge in Pixel Survival Game 3 I must admit is very harsh. The monsters are not only increasing in quantity but also faster, more diverse, and appear from every corner. In order not to dead and lose the game, you must do your best to collect items from the first levels.

What do we do during the day?

Survival in Pixel Survival Game 3 has many layers of meaning. Not only survive from the monsters, but you also have to live the life of a normal person, which means that you must have food and weapons to survive. This means that during the day you have to do hundreds of things: planting fruit trees, riding horses, hunting, raising crops, processing food, agricultural products, and craft items from the farm and items found. You also need to tame some of the monsters you’ve just acquired so that they can help fight later, build a house on a deserted island to spend the day, collect materials, make weapons, make all kinds of traps, explore different lands on the island.

Besides, you can also search for treasures, then you can have money and enough tools to build a monumental base on the island to reduce fatigue in night battles.

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Many of you say that playing this game is only worth playing at night, but I don’t think it’s true. The battle of the day is the premise for the ability to survive the night. When it’s morning, even the amount of work and difficulty of the character I think is even more than at night. There are many things to collect. After collecting, you have to process to get the finished product. So patiently do things one by one (but don’t spend too much time on less important things), and you will see the day go by very quickly.

Depending on the time, the priority of the player will be different. For example, at first, when the Hunger was few and easy to handle, you should focus on making basic weapons, raising crops to have food. Then when the monsters became more and more cunning, they started making traps and other advanced weapons, you should strengthen and expand the base to have shelter at night.

The night is the time for tenacious battles

It’s very stressful at night because survival depends on this time. But in return, the control and operation of the character are much simpler. You just need to run, fight with existing weapons, and lure monsters into traps. Only that. It’s simpler compared to the day. In return, because there was a direct battle, the feeling of excitement and excitement increased clearly. Especially when dealing with boss monsters. It feels like closing the day with a spectacular reward.

Do you like to play survival games with your friends?

Pixel Survival Game 3 can be played in single or multiplayer mode. Everything has its good points. Playing alone is freer, more comfortable but more effort is spent, and it often feels very lonely, especially in the later levels.

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In multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends. It is very fun, exciting, fighting harder, and fearless, but in return, dividing tasks and choosing roles incorrectly will make the team confused, leading to a confusing outcome for the team. You can choose to play up to 4 people, in PvP battles or form a survival team on the island.

Besides, you can experience Pixel Survival Game 2 here!

Download Pixel Survival Game 3 APK for Android

A compact pixel survival game, with too many things to do at the same time like farming, hunting for items, fighting hand-to-hand at night. You guys should play Pixel Survival Game 3. It’s rare for any mobile game to combine all-in-one that does well like this amazing game.

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