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NamePixel Starships
Package Namecom.savysoda.pixelstarships
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RequiresAndroid 6.0

There is an 8-bit graphic game with a tactical spaceship theme that has been recommended by many users. I was so curious, so I tried it out. And this is how I feel after playing Pixel Starships APK for a day.

Introduce about Pixel Starships

In Pixel Starships, you create your own spaceship, upgrade yourself, enjoy yourself, fight and travel around the galaxy yourself too, everything comes to hand so it’s quite fun.

Game for players who like to challenge their patience

Pixel Starships is where you build up a spaceship to your liking, then continue to equip the most advanced modern weapons in the galaxy to fly and explore every corner of the universe. Like a builder, you will embark on collecting stuff, building, developing, occupying the necessary places, then continuing upgrading and developing. The cycle continues until you are satisfied with your own results, which can be considered as a temporary end.

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Some players think that playing Pixel Starships™ for a long time is a bit boring. I find that with any game, you can be bored if you play it for a long time. Importantly, you must find the right taste, inspiration, and interests in the game you play, which makes you never bored. Pixel Starships™ can give you those things. Furthermore, almost everything in Pixel Starships is built from scratch. So, you must have enough courage to overcome a lot to conquer it. The first quality of you guys who can match the game is patience.


There’s an intro giving some information about the game. After reading the publisher’s description, I just jumped in to play. The game’s plot is not too much to say. It is just an excuse to enter the game. If you don’t like it, you can skip it because there is no hidden information here.

Then get in the game. You can name your spaceship. Use an interesting name to get inspiration to build it up to a huge size.

Then build it! You will be able to choose 3 different styles of the spaceship as background. Three is not many. But if you understand the long and detailed road ahead, you will also realize that using all these 3 models and reaching the destination is not easy.

Corresponding to each type of spaceship, you will have different careers. I’ve been told there’s no logic here, so don’t expect anything about your careers. For example, you might be an owner of an intergalactic bandit’s spacecraft, a space federation garbage worker, an owner of an explorer’s spacecraft. Of course, there are 3 types of ships, so there are only 3 occupations anyway. It’s a bit poor. But let’s just ignore it because the focus of the game is not at this step.

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To build up a spaceship from the available frameworks, you must manage everything at hand, including human resources, mechanics, and weapons. Specifically, you recruit crews; upgrade specialized parts; upgrade machines, guns, launchers, and defense systems… And don’t forget, the key element of any construction process is gathering mineral resources in the universe.

Game mode

Pixel Starships now includes PvP. PvE and daily missions. But the highlight of which is probably 1-vs-1 PvP. The combat mechanism in this mode, in my opinion, is at a basic level. And it only accounts for 30% of the player’s time and mind. The remaining 70% is still in the construction and upgrading steps. At a certain point, when you achieve the desired firepower, you will officially enter the war against other players’ spacecraft.

There are two stats to consider throughout the journey, whether in build or combat step. The first is the power stat. The second is the energy stat. For Power stat, depending on upgrading the machines and weapons, you will have a certain position in the battle. If you diligently collect this, you will get it, there is nothing to worry about. The deciding factor of the victory or defeat of the battle is in the energy stat. A high energy level means the spacecraft is strong. Before entering a battle, you have the task of customizing the appropriate amount of energy you want to use. Then use available weapons to attack enemy ships in combination with defensive equipment.

When using these weapons for a while, the energy will be depleted. Then it’s the opponent’s turn to attack you. It is like a kind of turn-based combat in role-playing games. But here the rules are stricter. If you choose the wrong energy level and wrongly aim at the enemy’s weak points, it’s considered a waste, just be prepared to wait for being attacked. Each of these PvP battles will take place within about 5 minutes.

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The story of fighting and defeating in Pixel Starships is not too surprising or too poetic. But it is also a spice that should be included in this type of game. If the game focuses on building only without any specific goal, it will be boring.

The rest that makes the game exciting is traveling around the vast galaxy

Once you build your spaceship to a certain level, you’ll continue to perfect it along the way. But it’s also about time to let the ship go around to discover new planets in the vast universe. Gaze into the endless expanse of space, explore the mysteries of the galaxy, seek out the sense of floating and being small in this vast space. You will have a very different feeling, more adventurous and wandering than what you experienced before.

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The 8-bit game focuses on building but has a mix of PvP or PvE combat and has a bit of Arcade in the stages of collecting materials and continuously building spaceships. The gameplay is also quite attractive and mixes many genres. Such a great experience worth trying that not many places can offer at this hard time of the covid pandemic!

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