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PickCrafter APK + MOD (Free Chests) v5.9.37

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Package Namecom.fiveamp.pickcrafterapp
MOD FeaturesFree Chests
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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PickCrafter MOD APK (Free Chests) is an idle game that allows you to mine resources underground, then use it to craft weapons, armor and tools.

Introduce about PickCrafter

Since being released by Fiveamp on Google Play, up to now, PickCrafter has reached more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. If you include other platforms like Steam, that number is much larger. That number is enough to say the unique appeal that PickCrafter brings to players.


Excavating seemed simple, but it never became so fun until I played PickCrafter. In this game, your task is simply to use a pickaxe and dig the ground to exploit underground resources. How to do that? Use your fingers (any finger, it doesn’t matter), continuously touch the screen to help the pickaxe go deep underground. Through each soil layer, you will collect items and corresponding resources such as iron, sand, wood, …

Not only mining and digging, sometimes you will have to confront “boss” underground. They can be rats, snakes or monsters. If you are not strong enough to fight them, you can upgrade armor, hats, and shoes to upgrade the strength of your character.

Besides that, PickCrafter also has the features of an idle game. Your Picks increase automatically, even when you don’t touch the screen or exit the game. Your Picks points can be used to upgrade the skills of a character in the Skill Tree, Artifacts.

Upgrades your pickaxe

If you feel that the default wooden pickaxe the game gives you at the beginning is too primitive and out of date, try a new pickaxe. Access the Pickaxes (backpack icon at the bottom of the screen), choose a pickaxe you want, provided you have unlocked it before.

The game has more than 100 types of pickaxes for you to explore. Pickaxes are divided into many categories, from Common, Rare to Epic and Legendary. Pickaxes like the Rainbow Pickaxe, Lightning Pickaxe have some unique skills and effects, making it easier to mine and dig.

Find treasures, open chests to find rare items

During the mining process, you have a chance to receive treasures. It gives you precious resources, or even a new pickaxe. If your economy is abundant, you can use Runic to buy more chests in the store.

Besides, you can also get many items, money and Runic through the daily login. This is a fairly stable resource of this game, as the daily gifts for you are quite attractive.

Exploit other planets

Access to the Biomes section at the bottom of the screen (map icon), you can unlock new biomes. After completing Earth’s biomes such as Desert, Caves, you can unlock and explore dozens of other planets like the Moon, Mars, and Sun.

Classic 16-bit graphics

PickCrafter uses classic 16-bit graphics. Its visuals and gameplay make it easy for players to think of Minecraft, a game of discovery and survival with pixel graphics. Although it was not sharp and realistic, this image created a strange charm to the player.

On your screen include only a picture of a pickaxe and the color of the land. Features are delicately placed at the bottom of the screen, while cash and Pick point indicators are above. Each time you touch the screen, the color of the land changes indicating you are digging to different layers of ground.

MOD APK version of PickCrafter

MOD feature

Free Chests: You can buy chests even with 0 Runic.

Download PickCrafter MOD APK for Android

This game is really addictive. A pixel game seems to be simple, but it has loads of features, items, and detailed upgrades for players to explore. Even if you’ve been playing for a few months, you still won’t be able to fully explore this game.

PickCrafter is both suitable for you to play for a long time and suitable for entertainment for 5 minutes. This game does not require you to be connected to the internet, you can play anywhere, anytime. Download this game right away via the link below the article and start exploiting resources today.

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