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NamePhase 10: World Tour
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

Phase 10: World Tour APK is a board game from the creators of the UNO. Play games, have fun with your friends, and train the brain at the same time, what can be better?

Introduce about Phase 10: World Tour

Play cards online with your friends!

Have fun when playing with your friends

There are games you have to play solo to feel the full essence of it. On the contrary, some games you have to play with your friends such as fighting games or MOBA games. And there are also some games, played just to clear the mind and warm up friendships and friends. If you are looking for this kind of game, let come with Phase 10: World Tour, the super board game from the creators of the UNO.

Playing cards in real life is very dramatic. But playing cards online also has its beauty and can control a lot of players’ negative moods and behaviors. Once you have participated in the board game, you are forced to follow the predefined rules of each game and can’t cheat. In addition, I find online board games easier to play and more comfortable thanks to the element of brain training. Choosing the right strategy, making final cards, or remembering the cards in the deck to catch the waves of other players, makes you think and keep your brain in motion. Thereby practicing many different skills.


How to play Phase 10: World Tour is similar to other mobile board games. You must always be in a sprinting position to complete each stage. Not only pass but also have to lead to win and pass the next stage. With each win, you will be transported to a different city on Earth. So if you want to discover all the beauty of the world, you will have to win as many, as many rounds as possible in here.

When playing, each player will have a deck of cards. When you have it in your hand, you will put down each card in turn for everyone to see. A round is decided when one of the players “comes”, which means that all the cards in that person’s hand are arranged in a sequence in the correct order and they have placed all their cards on the board.

The process of playing Phase 10: World Tour will help your brain become smarter day by day. Going up, the levels are more difficult, requiring the mind to observe more closely, memorize, ponder, consider between options and find for themselves the best and fastest way to complete the set before others.

Also, not only can you invite friends and family to play, but you can also freely participate in weekly matches against board game masters around the world. Take the victory of each match to possess power-ups and make your mark on the international rankings.

Around the world

Each time you win, you will pass a new deck and see more beautiful places from the calm Pacific Ocean to the cold Arctic and hot desert… The further you go, the more you win, the more you win. the opportunity to travel around the world through the small screen. At that time, all the mental stress of the previous chess games disappeared. There is only a feeling of reward, satisfaction, and contentment.

When playing Phase 10: World Tour, you can even actively create a new feeling for yourself by playing in new arenas for each match. The new arena here is different corners in the same geographical area, for example, London Walk, Arctic Cabin, where you can see everything through a new lens. The process of playing the game, therefore, becomes more attractive.

Phase 10: World Tour also features soothing melodious background music. Corresponding to each scene that appears, the background music is sometimes gentle, sometimes vibrant. The atmosphere of playing chess also changes in all shapes and sizes. If the visuals soothe the soul, the sound in Phase 10: World Tour is what helps you revive your spirit for more excitement and excitement during and after the game. The residual after playing a few hands in Phase 10: World Tour will be very positive and full of energy.

Download Phase 10: World Tour APK for Android

In short, Phase 10: World Tour is very fun, each player can choose their strategy and direction, both playing tactics and enjoying the beautiful scenery from all over the country around the world. If you want to have a good time playing the board game with friends and family, download Phase 10: World Tour to play right away.

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