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NamePhantom Blade: Executioners
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Phantom Blade: Executioners APK is the latest game in the Phantom World series. When the game was brought to the mobile platform, it created a fever in the game community because the original game itself has won a lot of love and is highly appreciated by experts.

Introduce about Phantom Blade: Executioners

The battle between brave warriors and those who sell their souls to the devil


Phantom Blade: Executioners is about a supreme heroic Organization. One day, the heroes received an anonymous letter. The letter talked about an event that was currently appearing in a certain area, and soon, it might be a source of danger to the whole world. A mysterious warrior is using his magical weapons and possessing long-lost secret arts and is raging everywhere, massacring everyone he sees on his way, in a violent frenzy.

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It seems that magic that has been forbidden for generations and thought to have disappeared, has reappeared. With its evil power, it can turn any nameless guy into a super-strong, super brutal guy. Because deep inside, it goes into the darkest corners of the soul to stir up the evil mind about fame, fortune, power, and lust. And then it can turn them into horrible power. But to maintain this power requires blood and death surrounding it. That is why the massacre is happening more and more, everywhere, like a terrible epidemic. Those swordsmen willing to sell their souls to the devil now themselves have become demons.

To find out what’s going on, members of the hero’s guild will have to go on a dangerous adventure. They will need to find out the truth, the reason behind the cruel madness and of course, put an end to it as soon as possible.


Through the plot, you can probably guess the gameplay of Phantom Blade: Executioners. This is a fighting role-playing game. You can choose to play as a character from the list of game heroes at the beginning of the game (in the Phantom universe).

Starting the game, you are equipped with weapons and simple moves. Through waves of attacking enemies on the horizontal screen interface, you will gradually have new skills, combining them can create powerful skill combos. If you use these combos well, you can easily defeat enemies many times bigger than you.

To do this, you first need to master the character’s Skill Branches. This is both the key to the game, and the criterion for assessing the level of a gamer, and it’s also quite a difficult thing. The game has a lot of characters for you to choose to follow. Each character possesses a different set of attributes, each hero’s attack method is also different, and the way they overcome the enemy’s weaknesses is also completely different. So, mastering each character throughout the game is an extremely stressful thing.

Choices are always difficult and can change the story

Not just a fighting RPG with only hitting, the game is also an interaction with the plot, which makes it so popular. You make difficult decisions for your character and change the course of the next event, thereby making the endings of the story. You will choose to lie to a young girl looking for her father that he is fine or choose to tell the truth about his death. Do you choose to intervene in the conflict between two brothers who are on both sides of the battle line or choose to ignore it to continue your work? It all comes down to consequences, and it’s all up to you.

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The freedom of the skill system

Phantom Blade: Executioners is also famous for its hero’s freedom and flexibility. During the battle, the player can create different combo skill chains according to their preferences. You can easily adjust the long-chain, short-chain, and other skills. To open a skill chain, you need to make sure to choose the right time and be able to accumulate Phantom rewards on each character’s individual skills to improve your attributes.

The game lets you free almost all the time. Customize attributes, combine skills into chains, and even freely switch chains during fights. This is an interesting point that has attracted the attention of gamers because, in today’s mobile RPGs, few games can do it this way.

The freedom also shows every time you acquire a new Phantom or upgrade a Phantom, you unlock a new Phantom story. These stories can directly or indirectly affect subsequent situations as they sometimes provide an additional context specific to each character, depending on their attributes and skills.

Lots of loot to play 

Your character can freely collect equipment and Phantom after winning. Equipment attributes are random, and players can mix and match their gear to suit their play style and taste. And each item that is combined comes in handy for future battles in a variety of ways. The general rule is to collect all of them and then combine and use them later as you wish. Among the equipment, the most famous is the Sin Gear in the Purge Dungeons game mode.

Along with the story-driven single-player mode, Phantom Blade: Executioners also offers a PvP mode. You will have the opportunity to fight with other players like how fighting games work. This game mode is very fun, everyone.

Graphics and Sound

The entire story takes place in the context of ancient China. The main characters are built on the image of heroes of the sword period, the villains are also colorful and magical from Chinese mythology. 

Although it is only a 2D visual design, the liberal, half-nostalgic, half-steampunk abstract hand-drawn style has made the feeling of the game completely different, and even quite haunting despite the always colorful visuals. 

The great success of the development team of Phantom Blade: Executioners is the vivid combat effects. The sword slashes are sharp, swiping across the enemy to create bright circles on the screen, the combo chains are constantly changing back and forth to create an eloquent scene. In general, the combat is very eye-catching.

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I highly appreciate the visuals and combat effects in Phantom Blade: Executioners. But I feel sorry for the sound. The sound effects in this game are quite monotonous. Typically, the character’s shout before each swing of the sword is the same and repeated many times. Sometimes I find it is brutally annoying. While the battle screens lack the crash sounds, the sound of the enemy being hit, or the physics simulation effects that should be present. If the game has some changes in sound soon, then the sound-graphics couple will not be criticized.

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The hero and devil theme role-playing game is worth playing with the eternal war of good and evil sides. It is attractive, dramatic with diverse characters, different hand-drawn cartoon graphics, and very different gameplay.

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