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Peridot APK will take you to explore the fantasy world of pets, and at the same time, adventure in the real world we live in. Take care of one-of-a-kind adorable creatures, nurture them and let them become your companion to explore the world with you.

Introduce about Peridot

Virtual reality pet game with the cutest creatures on the planet!

Peridot, a promising new AR game

Peridot is an augmented reality mobile game (AR game) from Niantic. In the context of the real world, there will be so many adorable virtual animals. You will encounter, nurture, and care for them. You love them, and together, you explore the world. You can even breed animals, creating new and more unique species. This is a mobile game that every animal lover should definitely play. 


The cute Peridots from ancient myths are still around. They have been sleeping for a thousand years. Now, Peridots wakes up, and the world has changed. Modern, exotic, and full of pitfalls.

You are an animal lover. You encounter the Peridots and decide to learn about them, bring them back to raise, care for and teach them about survival in the modern world. You will also be the breeder of Peridots to help the species grow more diverse, and stronger to escape the danger of extinction.

The cutest virtual pet in the world

Many unique animals will appear. All of them are cartoonish but very realistic with smooth movements and clear facial expressions. Your task is just to collect these lovely species, give them a lot of love and care, and watch their appearance change day by day as they grow up.

Feed, play with, and teach them how to take care of themselves, protect their health and safety… Do everything with all your heart and patience, you will have boundless love and sweet emotional actions from your pets. Raising successful Peridots will give you a lot of experience points. These points will help unlock more and more unique species of Peridots for you to continue your exciting breeding work.

Hold hands and go around the world

The two of you come together for pure love. So, between you and your pet, besides the emotional bond, there are many things to do together when they grow up. Take Peridots for a walk, discover new streets, take cute selfies, and record videos to keep your good memories… Live a life full of joy with your Peridots!

Breeding and diversifying new generations of Peridots

You can create new Peridots by teaming up with other players around the world. You fuse unique Peridots, creating creatures even stranger than the current generation. The possibilities of breeding and diversifying Peridots in this game can be said to be limitless. If you are skillful, you can also create Unicorn, Peacock, Cheetah, Ram, Rabbit, and Clownfish species…

Exploring the world and socializing

The essence of an AR game is to merge reality and virtual objects into one. For example, when playing Peridot with your friends, you can bring your Dots to exchange, discuss, let them breed each other, and find joy from the bond of friends. The game not only extends love and affection to animals but also is the glue that binds people to social activities and real-life relationships.

Download Peridot APK for Android

Peridot is a legendary pet-themed AR game that you can’t ignore. It is so sweet and lovely. It teaches us many things, brings more motivation for our life, and sincere feelings from the heart. Play Peridot if you want your life to be more colorful and poetic than ever.

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