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NamePAYDAY: Crime War
Genre, ,
Latest Version180906.1826
MOD Features No
PlatformsAndroid 4.1+


Over the past few years, mobile games have become increasingly popular and thriving. While not comparable in quality to PC games, the usability is a huge advantage that mobile games bring. Not only is the trend but also the habits of so many people, you can play anywhere, anytime, anywhere. Realizing this potential market, mobile game developers are constantly creating new games with increasing graphics quality and varied gameplay.

A prime example of this is PAYDAY: Crime War, which took the classic bank robbery content on its PC version and optimized to be more appropriate on the mobile. Although optimized for many features and graphics quality but at first glance, the quality of the game is not much worse than PC version.

Controlling mechanism is familiar

PAYDAY Crime War control

Like the PC version, PAYDAY: Crime War is a first-person shooter game, a familiar view of gamers who love the FPS genre. Control mechanism quite familiar, not much different from the same category. Activities like moving, shooting or throwing grenades are scientific design to help players easily control the game.

 Heisters or cops?

PAYDAY Crime War gameplay

In the world of PAYDAY: Crime War appeared many criminals. And of course, their work is nothing else but theft, drug trafficking and murder. It is not easy when police appear against such criminal acts. The story of the game is generally very simple and easy to understand. You will need to choose the character you like as a terrorist or police to join the fierce gun battle to destroy the enemy.

Fight alongside your teammates

PAYDAY Crime War graphics

Versions of PAYDAY often impress a lot of players because of the gameplay requires high teamwork. You will join a 4vs4 PvP arena, where you and 3 other teammates fight together to defeat other opponents. In addition to the gun battle, PAYDAY: Crime War also provides players with a variety of tasks from easy to hard.

When you become a terrorist, you will lead, coordinate with your teammates to perform tasks such as robbing banks, destroying safes, … Each mission you complete will receive exp, money and many other attractive rewards. Here tactics depend entirely on the player, it decides how the robbery will take place. When doing missions, you will face the police directly, they are not AI but other players. Therefore, in order to be able to survive, it is very important to have the skills of yourself and teamwork with your teammates.

Interesting points of PAYDAY: Crime War

PAYDAY Crime War weapons

Normally every gun battle takes place in about 5 minutes, very suitable for the convenience of the mobile game. In addition, PAYDAY: Crime War also provides players with weapons upgrading and trading systems that allow players to equip their characters to become stronger. At the same time, you can complete the massive machine gun collection of the game.


The graphics of FPS games are always carefully prepared to make the players have a certain satisfaction. PAYDAY: Crime War is the same when built on a realistic 3D platform with impressive effects. The characters in the game move quite flexible like almost FPS game. In general, i think PAYDAY: Crime War deserves to be a perfect choice for those who love FPS games in 2018.

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